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Sunken and cracked concrete lurking around your property? Looking to lift, repair and/or protect your concrete from the dangers of mother nature? Never Fear – for you have discovered Concrete Hero, IL’s premier concrete lifting, sealing and garage coatings company.  Learn how our Super-Powered concrete solutions can maintain and extend the life of your concrete.


Concrete Hero offers PolyLift, the most advanced method for lifting and leveling concrete. Polyurethane concrete lifting a.k.a. PolyLifting, involves injecting high-density polyurethane foam below a sunken concrete slab causing it to return to it’s intended position.   It is a far superior process when compared to other repair methods such a mudjacking.

PolyLift Foam Benefits Include:

  • Long Lasting Repair – Durable & waterproof polymer will not shrink or wash-away
  • Great Looking Results – Unnoticeable penny-sized injection holes
  • Fast curing – ready to use in a few minutes


Concrete Raising

Turn your garage, basement or business space into a showroom! Our professionally installed epoxy and polyaspartic floor coatings are built to last and look amazing.  Give your floor the ultimate make-over while protecting it for a lifetime.

  • Scratch & Chemical Resistant
  • Will Not Fade or Yellow with Sun
  • Easy to Clean
  • Will not peel
  • Lifetime Warranty


We are not just another Chicago Area concrete company! We specialize in concrete lifting AND protection services that restores and extends the life and beauty of your concrete.

However, what really sets us apart is our heroic commitment to pleasing our customers. As a small family business, you can be rest assured that your concrete repair project is in good hands. You can find our brave Heroes throughout northwest and far west suburbs of IL making the world a better place one slab at a time.

Thousands of Happy Customers
They raised and leveled our back patio and stoop. It looks like we have a brand new patio. Far exceeded what we expected it to look like. Highly recommend them.
Nick Ettelbrick
Nick Ettelbrick
01:17 01 Jul 22
Great company! They responded to my request right away, answered all my questions, completed my job quickly and did a fabulous job. I have referred them to a number of my neighbors!
Heather Bejda
Heather Bejda
17:32 30 Jun 22
Pete and his team's service from the initial call to the prompt, professional and outstanding transformation of our walkway. The installers completed the...
Todd H.
Todd H.
15:55 24 Jun 22
I can say I wholeheartedly recommend Concrete Hero. The salesman came out quickly to give us an estimate. It was agreed that they could show up anytime...
Donna T.
Donna T.
14:00 20 Jun 22
I asked Pete from Concrete Hero to come and look at my driveway and patio for possible sealing. They came and sealed both and also lifted some stairs that...
Teri L.
Teri L.
14:26 16 Jun 22
Great work on raising and caulking the driveway. Pete also did an extra mile on sealing. Thank you!
Samuel Yap
Samuel Yap
11:30 15 Jun 22
Let Us Be Your Hero.

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Does leveling concrete work for most customers?

Although it may seem like an unfamiliar process, concrete experts have been applying leveling techniques successfully for more than 90 years. Concrete can be lifted and leveled reliably using techniques known as slab jacking, and these repairs are effective for most customers in need. 

Is it possible to level concrete with polyurethane foam?

Yes absolutely. We have the tools and the experience necessary to raise specific sections of concrete to make them level with the rest of the surface once again using high-density polyurethane foam. We work on slabs that are less than an inch off up to four or more inches with success.

If I have my concrete leveled, will it last forever?

No home repair will last forever, and concrete leveling is the same. However, our polymer material is water-proof, light weight and will not break-down or wash away like other materials such as sand and cement is known too.  A professionally installed geo-technical foam can last just as long, if not longer, as the concrete if the slab is properly maintained and there are no underlying issues such as water intrusion.

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