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We are not just another Chicago Area concrete company! We specialize in concrete lifting, coatings, and concrete sealing services that restores and extends the life and beauty of your concrete.

However, what really sets us apart is our heroic commitment to pleasing our customers. As a small family business, you can be rest assured that your concrete repair project is in good hands. You can find our brave Heroes throughout northwest and far west suburbs of IL making the world a better place one slab at a time.

Why Hire Concrete Hero?

A Small Company Built on Big Experience

Sal arrived from Italy in 1972 and spent his whole life  in the concrete trade. Pete Catalano grew up in Schaumburg IL and graduated from Illinois State University.  Pete has worked in sales, construction management and education. Having worked along side his farther Sal growing up, Pete is no stranger when it comes to all things concrete.

 The father and son team both reside in St Charles IL. They built Concrete Hero on old-school values and believe integrity and respect for their customers and employees is the only way to do business.

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Concrete Hero offers PolyLift, the most advanced method for lifting and leveling concrete. Polyurethane concrete lifting a.k.a. PolyLifting, involves injecting high-density polyurethane foam below a sunken concrete slab causing it to return to it’s intended position.   It is a far superior process when compared to other repair methods such a mudjacking.

PolyLift Foam Benefits Include:

  • Long Lasting Repair – Durable & waterproof polymer will not shrink or wash-away
  • Great Looking Results – Unnoticeable penny-sized injection holes
  • Fast curing – ready to use in a few minutes


House Epoxy Floor

Turn your garage, basement or business space into a showroom! Our professionally installed epoxy and polyaspartic floor coatings are built to last and look amazing.  Give your floor the ultimate make-over while protecting it for a lifetime.

  • Scratch & Chemical Resistant
  • Will Not Fade or Yellow with Sun
  • Easy to Clean
  • Long Lasting Protection

Looking for Concrete Raising & Coatings Near You?

Look no further!  Concrete Hero is Chicago areas full service concrete restorations specialists! Our team of pros are experts at bringing new life to your concrete driveways, patios, garage floors and walkways.  We are a local company and like to stay local by servicing the cities below.

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Concrete Hero FAQs

Sure does or else we would have not been in business so long. Although it may seem like an unfamiliar process, concrete experts have been applying leveling techniques successfully for more than 90 years. Concrete can be lifted and leveled reliably using techniques known as slab jacking, and these repairs are effective for most customers in need.  The method of choice for lifting and leveling concrete involves injecting polyurethane foam below the concrete to lift and stabilize the slab.  Polyurethane concrete lifting (a.k.a – Polylift) is the only method we use due to its effectiveness and longevity.

Yes absolutely. We have the tools and the experience necessary to raise specific sections of concrete to make them level with the rest of the surface once again using high-density polyurethane foam. We work on slabs that are less than an inch off up to four or more inches with success.  In fact we were one of the first companies in IL to offer this advanced service.

No home repair will last forever, and concrete leveling is the same. However, our polymer material is water-proof, light weight and will not break-down or wash away like other materials such as sand and cement is known too.  A professionally installed geo-technical foam can last just as long, if not longer, as the concrete if the slab is properly maintained and there are no underlying issues such as water intrusion.

Concrete Hero provides concrete lifting, leveling and coating services from Naperville all the way up to Buffalo Grove and everywhere in between such as Arlington HeightsBartlettElginWheaton, Aurora, Palatine, Barrington, Batavia, Geneva and St Charles.

It’s difficult to say what the average cost to lift concrete with polyurethane because it depends on what you need lifted and how high it needs to go.  Most lifting companies in IL require a starting price of around $500 and that will most likely cover the cost for a couple sections of walkway or one section of driveway.  A general rule of thumb is that concrete lifting services are around half the cost of replacement.

Concrete sealing is a process of protecting concrete surfaces from damage caused by water, sun, and other environmental factors. The sealant forms a barrier that prevents water and other liquids from penetrating into the surface, which can eventually cause cracks, chips, and other structural damage. Additionally, it can also help protect against freeze-thaw cycles which can cause further deterioration over time. It’s important to keep in mind that not all concrete sealers are created equal – many will only offer short-term protection while some may provide lasting protection for up to 10 years or more depending on the type of sealer used. When considering a sealer for your concrete project be sure to do your research and find out what kind of protection they offer as well as how often they need to be applied in order to maintain optimal performance.

Yes, it is possible to repair cracks in concrete. The method of repair depends on the size, depth, and location of the crack. For smaller hairline cracks or surface cracking in concrete, a professional can use an epoxy injection system to seal the crack and prevent further damage. Once injected into the crack, this material will form a bond with the surrounding concrete and prevent water from entering.

For larger cracks or deeper damage to concrete structures such as foundations or slabs, a professional may need to cut away any loose/weakened sections before filling with new cement-based materials such as mortar patching compounds which can be troweled into place until level with the existing surface of the slab. In some cases, foam injections are also used for added structural stability when repairing larger damaged areas in foundation walls or slabs. Regardless of size or scope however all repairs should always be done under supervision by a professional contractor experienced in such projects for best results.

Special thanks to Stingray Sealing for sharing this information with us!

Yes, absolutely! Epoxy flooring is a great investment for your garage. Not only is it incredibly durable and long-lasting, but it can also add a unique flair to the overall look of your space. It creates a professional yet stylish finish to your garage that will impress any visitors or family members who come in. It’s also very easy to clean and maintain which makes it an ideal flooring solution for garages used for storage or workshops. Plus, epoxy floors provide superior protection from moisture damage and corrosion, so not only will your floor look amazing – it’ll stay that way too!

Thank you to Wise Coatings in Portland for sharing this with us!

Generally, it would cost around $500-$2,000 to professionally epoxy a garage floor, depending on the size of the area being covered and the complexity of the job. The total price for labor and materials can vary depending on many factors such as preparation work required before application, coatings needed (including color), type of primer used for adhesion, and material costs. If you are looking to do it yourself, you will still need to factor in purchasing or renting any necessary tools and supplies which can add up quickly. Regardless of whether you choose to hire a professional or do it yourself, make sure that you research your options so that you get an accurate estimate of what it will cost.

Yes, epoxy floor colors are highly customizable when done professionally. Epoxy floors can be customized with a variety of colors and finishes to suit your décor and style preference. Professional installers use special coatings that allow you to choose from thousands of color combinations, giving you the freedom to design beautiful and unique floors for any space. Additionally, many professional epoxy flooring contractors offer tinted finishes so you can achieve a unique look that’s only limited by your imagination. With the right team and dedication, it’s possible to create one-of-a-kind custom epoxy floor designs tailored specifically for your home or business.

This information was provided by Solid Floor Coatings! You can check them out here:

When it comes to creating a professional look for your garage floor, epoxy is the way to go. An epoxy-coated garage floor can transform an ordinary space into something extraordinary. Epoxy provides many benefits that will make your garage much more usable and pleasant.

The first benefit is its durability. Epoxy coatings create a strong bond with the concrete, making them highly resistant to scratches, chemicals, and staining due to oil or other automotive fluids. An epoxy garage floor will also resist damage caused by humidity or environmental changes in temperature since they are not affected by water absorption like other types of paints and finishes may be.

Another great benefit is its easy maintenance. You won’t have to worry about dirt gathering on top of it as easily as with regular paint thanks to its unique nonporous surface which prevents liquids from seeping through. It also doesn’t require any waxing or scrubbing for spotless cleaning – just use soap and water! That ease of maintenance makes it perfect for busy homeowners who want a quick way of keeping their garage clean without investing too much time in the process.

Finally, epoxies come in countless colors so you can choose whatever best suits your style preferences – ranging from simple whites or grays all the way up through vibrant rainbow effects that will give life and color to any space! Not only does this add a touch of personalization but it can also provide an added level of brightness during darker days or when opening up night activities such as work sessions after dusk.

Big thanks to our friends at Your 1 Day Floors for sharing with us the benefits of epoxy flooring!

Epoxy coatings typically take 12-24 hours to fully dry and cure. However, the actual drying time depends on a few factors such as the type of epoxy used, the ambient temperature, and the thickness of the coating applied. If you are using a professional-grade epoxy with proper climate control and ideal conditions, then you can expect optimal results in around 24-48 hours. Additionally, if you plan to apply multiple coats of epoxy it is recommended that you wait 24 hours between each application for best results.

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