Raising a Sunken Walkway


A few days before Halloween this St Charles homeowner wanted to know if we can fix their sunken front walk, hoping to prevent any accidents on Halloween night.  Of course we can!  As you can see from the picture below the walkway is in great shape except for the sunken sections in front of the steps which is causing a major trip hazard and very high step.  A common issue for many homes older than 10 years old.  In this case, the cause of the sinking is most likely due to the downspout discharging right along the edge of the walk causing water to undermine the slab.  Also, the concrete is located right over the over-dig area from when the foundation was excavated which means the soil naturally will settle over time.


With the power of our high density, geotechnical polyurethane foam we were able to raise the sunken slabs back into their original position.  Not only that, our PolyLifting process was able to fill a large void in front of stoop and stabilize loose soil below the concrete.  Only took 30 minutes and a few small penny sized hole, which after filling are hardly noticeable. This St Charles homeowner was able to extend the life her walkway without the mess, hassle and high cost of concrete replacement.  Her walkway was now safe and ready for Halloween!

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