Repairing and Restoring a Buffalo Grove Patio


A new concrete patio is a significant investment homeowners make to expand their living space while improving the look and value of their homes.  These Buffalo Grove homeowners did just that over 20 years ago when they installed a beautiful exposed aggregate concrete patio in their backyard.  It brought many years of enjoyment however over the past few years the patio has started to need some work.  Almost all of the wood joints have rotted out which not only creates an eyesore but also caused many of the concrete slabs to sink, since water is seeping through the joints and below the slabs causing the base to erode. This has created trip hazards and a dangerous high step.


A full replacement of the patio would cost around $8,000- $12,000 and would take at least a week to complete.  Since the patio was structurally sound  (not a single crack), these smart homeowners decided to have the patio slabs raised using our polyurethane injection process a.k. a. Polyjacking.   For less than half the cost of replacement the level of the patio was restored and all of the old wood joints were removed, cleaned and a silicone based concrete caulk was used to seal all of the open joints, making them water tight and look great.  Lastly, the patio was pressure washed giving it a new fresh look.  The life of the patio has now been extended to another 20 years! The happy homeowners saved money and time by restoring over replacement and can now use that money they saved on more practical things, such as an outdoor pizza oven (at least that’s what I would do).  Checkout the amazing before and after photos below.

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