Lifting a Settled Driveway in Arlington Heights IL

Problem: Sunken Driveway

In a perfect world all soil around the perimeter of your home would be well compacted and never settle.  Well of course that’s never the case (we would be out of business if it was).  Such was the case at this Arlington Heights home.  Extreme settling in front of the garage (very common location) caused the driveway to settle creating a trip hazard and annoying speed bump.  The good news is that this is a very common issue and we have the perfect solution.

Solution: PolyLifting!

Replacement would have been more then triple the cost and involved building permits and three to four days of work with a week of curing time. Also, the new and old mismatch of the concrete sections would have been an eye sour. So the homeowner made the smart decision to polylift his driveway. A few penny sized holes and some really cool geotechnical polyurethane foam raised this Arlington Heights sunken slab back to where it belongs and the car was driving on it right after we left.

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