Raising & Repairing Hoffman Estates Garage Floor


When this homeowner decided to place their longtime Hoffman Estates home for sale, they knew their garage floor was going to be a major concern for prospective buyers.  The 50 year old garage floor was in bad shape.  Over the years, large cracks formed throughout in every direction and major settling  caused the slab to sink 5″ inches in some places.  A long-term solution would be replacement however the homeowner was not happy with investing $3,000 – $4,000 for a new floor on a home they will be moving out of soon.  Mudjacking was another option but the large holes would have been an eye sore and may have caused more cracking to occur.


After assessing the integrity of the garage floor, Concrete Hero determined polyurethane concrete leveling would be an appropriate solution for raising the floor back to the correct level.  The small injection holes did not compromise the integrity of slab and were barley noticeable once filled.  All the  cracks were caulked with a commercial grade silicone sealant which will provide many years of a water protection and gave the floor a cleaner look.  Complete repair was performed in about 4 hours.  The final result was a structurally sound floor that would pass inspection and not scare away prospect buyers all completed for a fraction of what replacement would have cost.


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