Raising Settled Mount Prospect concrete driveway and walkway


Sunken concrete at this Mount Prospect home created some annoying speed bumps and dangerous trip hazards. Run off from a nearby downspout along with open cracks in the joints eroded the base of the slabs.  This erosion overtime caused voids to form below the concrete and caused the slabs to sink.  The long-time home owner finally had enough of this and decided to give Concrete Hero a call to restore her concrete back to it’s original glory.  Replacement of the concrete driveway and walkway was upwards of $8,000 and wasn’t necessary since the concrete was still in good shape.  Mudjacking was another option however the results may have only been temporarily.



Our PolyLifting polyurethane concrete leveling system was used to raise the slabs back to the original level they were installed at.  The polyurethane was injected below the sunken slabs through penny sized holes which were drilled every 3-4ft.  Once injected, the foam expanded and raised the slabs back to place. The polyurethane also filled many large voids that were under some of the slabs which will greatly prevent future settling.  Once all the slabs were lifting and leved, a grout was used to fill the injection holes. Finally, all of the cracks in the joints were sealed tight with our awesome SuperFlex sealant. The sealant is designed to be flexible which will allow it to move with the seasonal movements of the concrete and not break.

Whole project was completed in just a few hours and cars were able to drive on it right after the crew left. The homeowner couldn’t have been happier with her now level and protected concrete.

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