Schaumburg Patio Restore


This Schaumburg patio was in need of some help.  Half of the patio along the home was sinking and directing water towards the home (not good).  Luckily the 20 year old slab was still in good shape with just common wear and tear – cracking in the joints and a dirty surface.


Concrete Hero came and worked their magic to bring this patio back to life.  Our polyurethane injection process, PolyLift was used to lift the sunken slabs back to the correct level.  Then the surface was given a high pressure wash to remove all dirt and mold.  Finally, after it all dried, the cracked joints we sealed tight with our SuperFlex sealant.  Pow!  Patio has now been leveled, protected and saved!

Below our some pictures of the newly restored patio.

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