Buffalo Grove Public Walkway Raising & Leveling


Sunken concrete public walkways  create a dangerous situation for residents and a major liability for municipalities. As was the case for the Village of Buffalo Grove who received  a report concerning a woman who tripped on a sunken public walkway.  The Village Engineer did not ignore the report and immediately surveyed the area and identified 20 trip hazards around the main retail center of the village.  The village needed a quick and economical method to remove these hazards to prevent future accidents.


Replacement would have taken too long and been expensive.  Grinding was not possible since many of the sunken slabs were along curbs.  So the Village of Buffalo Grove called Catalano Concrete to come in and raise the sunken concrete with polyurethane.  We raised and leveled all of the trip hazards in one day without causing disruption to the local businesses or traffic. Perfect solution with perfect results!

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