Leveling the Concrete of Northwest Illinois

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May is fast approaching, and everyone’s excited for Mr. Sun to finally warm things up. However, a few of our Illinoisans aren’t quite feeling the lovely weather improvements due to having annoying sunken concrete. Fortunately, we’re here to change that! Here are our featured rescues this week.

Sunken and Cracked Flooring – Challenge Accepted

The Hometown Hero’s Garage Problem in Algonquin IL

Teachers are busy sharing knowledge and keeping everybody educated. They don’t have time to deal with sloping floors. And surely it’s not an experience anyone wants to have every time you walk into a garage.

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Garage Floor Repair Algonquin IL Before and After Teacher Discount


This client, who’s one of our Hometown Heroes, is a teacher residing in Algonquin IL. Dealing with three inches of sunken flooring near the corner, our teacher just had enough of it. At one point, she even almost slipped because water pooled in that section. Not only is it a safety hazard, but it’s a mess that deteriorates your home and its aesthetics, too!

For this repair, it took us only two hours to complete. Of course, with our years of experience and our top-quality polyurethane expanding foam, our crew was able to raise the sunken sections and restore the floor to the correct pitch so that water is not moving in the right direction.

The Walkway and Driveway Remedy in Elgin IL

We can’t stress this enough: water intrusion is cancer to concrete. The walkway and driveway had several weak points such as having an improper joint spacing that caused major cracking and allowed water to penetrate the ground and cause soil erosion. That problem may seem harmless at first. But after a few months, there will be cracks and sunken slabs appearing out of nowhere.

Luckily for this client, we’ve managed to put things back together in just a couple of hours. We leveled the front walkway and one section of the driveway. After making sure everything’s even, we caulked the cracks and joints to avoid having the same problem again in the future.

Serious Savings in Long Grove IL

Major problems happen once in a while, and here’s one of them. Our clients had a porch that pitched towards their house. It may seem like it’s just another concrete leveling problem, but it’s not. It has already been mudjacked twice yet it resettles again and again.

Long Grove Porch Raising Before and After

Instead of going for a complete replacement, which would have cost around six to seven thousand dollars, they made the right move to contact us. We injected top-quality polyurethane foam to fix the problem once and for all. After that, we caulked the cracks and gap between the foundation and the porch with commercial-grade silicone sealant to make sure the problem never shows up again. Porch is now back to the correct level, looks great and our 5 year warranty gives our clients peace-of-mind knowing they have a long-term repair.

Quick and Easy Carol Stream and Streamwood IL Patio Restoration

One of the first things you see when looking at a house is the front walk and stoop. Hey, it’s an entry point and an inviting part of the home after all.

In most cases, they often sink and settle due to the exposed edges that are prone to water intrusion, especially from nearby downspouts. Also, since front walks and stoops are built over the over-dig area of the home (the area excavated out when the foundation was built) there is a good chance this area will settle over time due to poor back-filling. Also, stoops make great homes for critters and small animals who dig below the concrete creating voids that can cause structural problems. But here’s the thing; most people think that there’s nothing you can do about it, except for a total rework that may cost thousands of dollars. In reality, however, it’s a quick, easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy job for us at Concrete Hero and may take less than an hour to fix.

Streamwood IL Patio Restoration Before and After

This patio was successfully leveled and restored in just 40 minutes.

So if you do have a walkway, patio or driveway that’s having this issue, don’t hesitate to contact us. The sooner it gets fixed, the longer it’ll last and the more money you’ll save.

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