Our Concrete Works of Art for the Second Week of April

We have Art in Public Places to look forward to this April 13 and 14. Presented by the St. Charles Arts Council, the event features a wide collection of public art with over 175 pieces all over St. Charles, Illinois for everyone to see. You can download an app that will serve as your art tour. If that sounds like something you want to try, you can get more info here.

There is another type of art that you can enjoy in public anytime, and that is level concrete! There’s probably a look of disbelief on your face, considering that concrete is not a painting nor a carving. Although it might not be what you typically see featured in museums, these concrete masterpieces that pave your way take just as much craftsmanship and artistry to stand the test of time.

Let’s take a look at the concrete art we worked on this week.

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Moving Problems Solved With Patio Restoration in Arlington Heights, IL

patio restoration before and after

We want moving to be as pleasant an experience as possible. Hey, it’s stressful enough as it is – so what would you do if you noticed that an entire patio along one of your outer walls was pitched towards your home instead of the yard? That situation sounds like a nightmare, considering how that patio is what will welcome your guests to your happy home. The whole thing looks ugly, and can even create major water issues in your basement.

But no feat is too big for us at Concrete Hero! Our two-man crew raised all the concrete along the home back to its original levels. We even carefully caulked all the open cracks and joints to prevent any possible resettling. When it comes to restorations like this, we make sure to use polyurethane. This material does not shrink or break down to keep our client’s patio pretty for a long time.

Stairs that Make You Stare Restored in Barrington, IL

damaged stairs raised and caulked

Even if your steps were initially in good shape, they can settle over time if they were poorly constructed. Water can settle between steps, and cracks can appear. This not only looks unappealing but also creates an awkward experience for anyone walking up the unlevel steps.

A homeowner in Barrington, IL had this very problem. Luckily the heroes from Concrete Hero were there to save the day. If you compare the before and after photos, it looks like magic. You’d even think that we redid the entire stairs, but that would cost thousands of dollars. It’s all thanks to our awesome two-man team. They did this in three hours with polyurethane, which makes repairs like this long-lasting and unnoticeable.

before and after stair restoration

Quick Walkway Restoration for Elderly Couple in Batavia, IL

walkway raised to correct pitch

This client was an elderly couple in Batavia, IL. Their walkway sunk so much that they had to add a step with blocks to help them get in their house. Most companies would charge a minimum of $3000 for a walkway replacement. This is ridiculously expensive, but thanks to the walkway restoration we offer at Concrete Hero, the lovely couple was able to save thousands of dollars. Our team quickly restored the walk in just an hour. We caulked all the cracks, and now the walk is back to its original height.

Picture Perfect Patio Restoration in Buffalo Grove, IL

sunken patio needs repairs

The “before” photo of this patio in Buffalo Grove is definitely far from picture perfect. As you can see, the patio is sunken, and there is a crack between it and the step. The concrete must have settled along the foundation over time due to poor backfilling and compaction during construction. The sunken patio caused water to run towards the home instead of draining into the yard, as well as creating a dangerous high step. It is a safety hazard, with possible foundation problems if not corrected.

Other companies would advise getting a patio replacement costing $5000-7000 dollars. Replacements are not only costly, but they also take longer (a week at most), and can potentially damage the surrounding landscape. We at Concrete Hero accepted this challenge by raising the sunken sections back to the correct level using polyurethane. Our team filled any existing voids, restored the level of the slab, and power-washed the patio.

fully restored sunken patio

With how amazing the fully restored patio looks, you’d think the “after” photo was taken at another location! What’s more, is that the entire process only took ONE day. And we even gave our customers a 5-year warranty because we’re cool like that!

Rescuing Customers from the Hazards of Unlevel Walkways in Mount Prospect, IL

You can see how uneven this walkway in Mount Prospect is just by looking at the picture. The dangerous front walk plus 12-inch high step was filled a huge trip hazard. This is actually a very common problem as foundations tend to settle over-time if construction was not done right. Our team took the challenge of raising and leveling the walk back to its original levels. We also caulked all the cracked joints to prevent resettling. Our customer can now walk with ease without worrying about tripping.

walkway restoration before and after

Do you have a walkway, patio or driveway that has issues like the ones we featured? We would be thrilled to help you save time and money with our restoration services. Call us today so Concrete Hero can come and save the day.

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