Cracking Out Concrete Repairs This End of April

With April at its end, plenty of people have made the big decision of looking for a new home. Whether they are moving from a new state or are already St. Charles residents, searching for a great house that meets both wants and needs can be difficult. The Patch website has prepared a short list of the latest listings in St. Charles, IL to make things easier for any interested house hunters.

But the challenges do not end when you finally find a nice home. You need to do a few repairs and renovations to turn that “nice” into “perfect”. A new paint job and some new furniture are home improvements you might consider, but what if the patio is cracked or the walkway is unlevel? Replacing those can result in staggering expenses, and will take way too long.

At Concrete Hero, we have time-saving cost-efficient services that repair and restore concrete instead of completely replacing it. If you’re curious as to how we do it, here are a couple of concrete projects we worked on this end of April. Check them out below.

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Making Driveways Bump-Free in Buffalo Grove and Roselle

If you look closely to where the arrows point in the “before” photo, you can see how some of the concrete slabs have sunk in our Buffalo Grove client’s driveway. These slabs are actually four inches lower along the curb than they should be. Poor construction, like lack of stone base and/or compaction, is the most likely cause. It was a fuss to drive over, which got our client feeling down (pun intended).

Our Concrete Hero team cheered them up with fast concrete raising. The slabs were about six inches thick, which made lifting rather challenging. But with skills and experience, our two man crew were able to get those out. We then used polyurethane foam to lift the settling concrete. It’s a long-term solution that will prevent any unwanted resettling in the future. And look how clean it looks after!

Here’s a close up of another client’s driveway in Roselle. Their driveway sunk to about one inch below the garage floor level. Since the driveway was most likely built with the home, this was probably due to ground settlement which almost all homes experience. If not fixed, water would have pooled in the depression and seeped into the soil beneath. This can destroy your driveway eventually, so you better call us quickly if your driveway looks like this!

With a little tender loving care from Concrete Hero, the driveway is back how it should be. Drivers no longer have to struggle with the dangerously high step to get up. You can see the huge difference we made from the “before” and “after” pictures.

From Trip Hazard to Completely Safe Walk and Patio in Elgin

Notice the proximity of the downspout with the walkway? Because of water runoff, the concrete settled close to the perimeter of the foundation. The patio at the top of the close-up picture is also down about two inches along with the home. This not only looks awful but also makes walking very dangerous. Imagine your kid running across this walk! Cary, right?

Our two-man team got to lifting the unlevel concrete for both the patio and walkway right away. Our methods are not only more affordable, but they are also cleaner, faster, and less disruptive. Our client was able to enjoy their good-as-new concrete in a matter of hours.

Helping Hometown Heroes Save Their Concrete in St. Charles

The Concrete Hero is not the only one doing noble deeds in St. Charles. Our educators are courageous and kind – that is why they qualify for our Hometown Hero Discount! This educator in St. Charles moved into a house that had a walk which settled with the ground over time. A nearby downspout may have even accelerated the settling.

With how low the walkway sunk, the previous homeowner had to put a step near the stoop so people would not have to struggle to get up. Unfortunately, the step was too small that most people failed to notice it and often tripped. Our team removed the old step, raised and leveled the walk, then caulked all the cracks. It would have cost this Hometown Hero a hefty $2000, but we came in and saved the day with our concrete restoration services.

Major Patio Makeover for Our Schaumburg Client

Here is another client who had to deal with problems another homeowner left behind. The previous owner had a sump pump that dumped water right along the patio. Water is the usual culprit when it comes to concrete problems. It caused the patio to sink and crack, which is a huge eyesore.

The cracks might have been big, but it was an easy fix for our crew. We raised and stabilized the patio to fill all the empty voids. Finally, our team used a high-quality silicone caulk in sealing all cracks to keep water from seeping under the concrete.

Does your home need a makeover like the ones we did for our clients? Call us at 224-653-8944 to get a quote from Illinois’ most trusted choice for concrete repair.

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