Durable Concrete Projects To Withstand Harsh Weather in St. Charles

We’re expecting rainy weather for the week ahead here in Illinois. Weather officials even issued a flood warning for St. Charles! It’s the perfect chance for Illinoisians to stay indoors with a hot cup of cocoa. If you do plan on going out, make sure you bring an umbrella or jacket so you don’t get caught in the rain.

Getting soaking wet in the pouring rain can result in a bad case of the sniffles. Although concrete structures can’t catch colds, water can be very corrosive for concrete. When exposed to rain and high humidity too often, water seeps in and causes structural weakness. Thus, concrete tends to crack and become unlevel.

If you’re dealing with damaged concrete because of water, our team at The Concrete Hero can help! We’ve assisted many Illinoisians with our concrete repair, maintenance, and installation. Here are a couple of the projects we got to work on this week.

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Super Powered Concrete Patio and Walk Restoration in Schaumburg

Flash has super speed, Superman has super strength, and Spiderman has super spider abilities. The team at The Concrete Hero might not be able to do those stuff, but we have our own superpowers – concrete leveling!

This client in Schaumburg called us in because of how sunken and unlevel her walk and patio had become. We suspect that poor backfilling around the home was what caused these concrete structures to settle over time. Since the patio was tied to the foundation, it only settled in the middle. These created ugly eyesores that reduced her home’s curb appeal.

Fortunately, we came with the power of polyurethane and raised the concrete slabs in no time. Our customer was very happy her patio and walk were restored back without needing expensive replacement nor messy mudjacking. The life of her concrete has now been extended by at least 15 years.

Protective Sealing and Effective Raising For This Driveway in Elgin

This next project brings us to Elgin. As you can see in the Before photo, our client’s driveway had become cracked and unlevel. There was a downspout on the side of the home that directed water to the side of the concrete. With a water source so close to the driveway, the slabs settled and cracked.

Before things could get worse, The Concrete Hero arrived to save the day. We injected high-density polyurethane in the spots marked with X to raise the concrete to the proper level. Then, our team caulked the crack using a long-lasting silicone. This special silicone lasts ten times longer than what other companies typically use.

And voila, their driveway now looks like new – and it will look great for many years to come.

Raising Slabs Quickly and Cleanly for a Driveway in Schaumburg

This last project is another driveway, this time in Schaumburg. We don’t know for sure what caused the sinking, but we suspect it’s because the driveway was installed when the ground was still frozen or the homebuilders used a poor base during construction. Whatever caused this, it’s no problem at all for The Concrete Hero team!

We needed to raise almost every slab just to get the whole driveway ready again. Some of the slabs were seven to eight inches thick, which is almost double the typical thickness. Superman’s super strength would have really come in handy, but we used the power of teamwork instead. Our two-man crew took a full day to raise the slabs with polyurethane foam. We also caulked all cracks and joints to prevent future sinking.

What we did was a fast, easy, and cost-effective way of repairing concrete. Now our client could enjoy their driveway without dangerous trip hazards!

Does your concrete need rescuing from harsh weather? The Concrete Hero is ready to save the day! Call us at 224-653-8944 to get a quote from Illinois’ most trusted choice for concrete repair.

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