Getting Ready for Summer with Concrete Restoration Projects

Memorial Day is on May 27, which is only a few days from now. Do you know what that means? Summer!

Summer is the best time to soak in the sun and eat good food with friends and family. You might be planning on going to your favorite pool or restaurant to celebrate Memorial Day, but things can get pretty crowded. Why not try something like a music festival or sports event to mix things up? If you want the best way to spend Memorial Day, check out this list that Patch has prepared for you.

We at The Concrete Hero have a lot of plans for the next few weeks, too. Aside from relaxing and spending time with our loved ones, we’ve got several projects coming up. Just this week, we got to work with different clients from St. Charles and the surrounding areas. They needed their concrete restored just before summertime comes along.

Here’s a quick look at how we’ve helped our clients get ready for summer.

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Giving Much Needed Support to a Porch in Schaumburg

Although our porches are pretty much covered by roofs, they are still exposed to a lot of elements. From snow driven by wind to the scorching sun, porches get quite beat up as time passes. They need high quality construction and materials to stand the test of time.

A great example would be porches built in the 60’s to 70’s.  They were usually not installed with foundations below. This might have cut costs during the construction process, but the lack of support will cause the porch to eventually sink. Our client in Schaumburg had this very problem. What must have been a cost-efficient solution back in the 60’s now resulted in a sunken porch that would take thousands of dollars to replace.

Our team has had a lot of experience raising sunken porches like this. It was a quick and easy job for our crew. Our process if more efficient and less intrusive compared to mudjacking. In a matter of hours, our client could relax on their now level porch!

Raising Walkways Up With Ease in Naperville

Did you know that backfilling is a time-consuming task that can have long-term effects on your concrete? If backfill is compacted correctly before concrete structures are built over it, homeowners shouldn’t have any problems. But if the homebuilder is a bigger fan of doing work quickly than correctly, concrete will eventually sink.

Our Naperville client’s homebuilder was long gone before the effects of poor construction started to show. The slabs in the picture above marked with “x” have become so unlevel, the walkway has now become a “tripway.”

Compared to the rest of the walk, the stoop was in relatively good shape. It had not sunk yet because it was tied to a reinforcement bar. But if you look closely, there was a void that needed filling near the stoop as well.

Our crew raised all the sunken sections and filled the large void near the stoop to prevent any issues. We might not be able to see into the future, but we have our work ethic. Our clients trust that the concrete restorations we make always endure.

Poor Construction, Poor Concrete for this Patio in Naperville

This patio was suffering the same effects poor construction had on that walkway in Naperville. Our client’s patio was installed before the ground had a chance to settle. It’s a common problem with a concrete solution – that being the concrete raising services we at The Concrete Hero have to offer!

It had become sunken in the middle as well as along the home. The area near the door had even become quite unstable. Can you imagine just stepping out of your home and immediately feeling like you were about to trip? It’s not a very pleasant feeling, mind you.

Despite all of these problems, we were able to raise and level the concrete in just three hours. Our crew made sure to raise all of the sunken sections. We even filled the very large voids below the area by the door to prevent future sinking. Plus, we caulked the large expansion joints to prevent water from seeping below the slabs. If we hadn’t, the concrete would have sunk again! You can see the huge difference these changes have made in the picture below.

Helping Clients Sell Homes Quicker With Concrete Restoration in Arlington Heights

For our next project, we dropped by Arlington Heights. Our client was getting ready to sell her home. People want to do as little remodeling as possible whenever they buy new homes. To sell her old house quicker, our client wanted to spruce up her concrete as best as she could. So she called in the experts for help!

Our team raised and leveled her front and side walkways to make a better first impression on her prospective buyers. Plus, we caulked the joints and applied sealer to the surface of her driveway, which is pictured below. Both the driveway and the walkways were power washed to make them look like they were brand new. Looking at the before and after photos definitely show you how dramatically the concrete has improved.

Does your concrete need a little improvements here and there? The Concrete Hero is ready to save the day! Call us at 224-653-8944 to get a quote from Illinois’ most trusted choice for concrete repair.

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