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Transforming Homes With Concrete Restoration Projects This Fourth Week of May

We can shop for outfits, books, and gadgets on Facebook, eBay, and other online platforms. The entire Internet is like a marketplace on the web! But the world wide web isn’t the ideal place to look for a new home. Pictures aren’t enough because you really need to get a feel for the house. Your best option would be going to an open house, where you get to actually check out the place. If you are planning to move to St. Charles, Illinois, here is a list of five open houses you definitely shouldn’t miss.

Are you preparing for an open house? A lot of potential buyers are coming in to check everything out in person. Cracked, unlevel, and sunken concrete could make or break the deal. A lot of homeowners preparing to sell their home have called The Concrete Hero in for this very problem. With our services, our customers can make the best first impression with concrete that looks brand new.

Here are a few of the clients we’ve helped out this fourth week of May. Check them out!

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No More Trip Hazards For This Walkway in South Elgin

Just like what happens in a lot of homes, the ground underneath this walkway settled, which caused a huge unsightly crack to appear across it. Our crew came in, raised the walkway, and used silicone caulk to seal the crack right away. Because we want the best for our clients, we made sure to use a very flexible caulk. Even with changes in the ground over time, the slab will move but never crack!

Raising A Walkway (5 Inches Higher, Wow!) In St. Charles

Did you know that stoops are built on foundations but walkways are not? For this reason, walkways often settle over time while stoops stay in the same place. With the concrete sinking, the walk creates a high step that makes climbing up and down the stoop very dangerous. Using polyurethane foam, we raised the walk about five inches in less than an hour. The polyurethane cures within 15 minutes and can be used right after we finished, but will last for years to come. Our confidence is high that the walk will not sink again!

Making This Garage In Hoffman Estates Look Half A Century Younger

This next project takes us to Hoffman Estates, with a garage floor that is over 50 years old. As much as we want our concrete structures to stand the test of time, this homeowner’s garage floor obviously hasn’t (as you can see in the “before” photo).

So what was the culprit? Well, garages built before the 1980s did not have any footings below the door openings. This caused the floor to settle and crack over time.

The Concrete Hero team came in and gave this garage floor an anti-aging treatment. We leveled the slabs as best as we could and filled all the voids below the floor. Lastly, we caulked all the cracks to prevent any further problems. Our work de-aged the garage floor by 50 years!

Patio Raised For Satisfied Homeowner in South Elgin

Do you ever get a sinking feeling sometimes? You definitely will when you’re on this patio in South Elgin, but in a literal sense!

If you take a closer look at the picture above, you can see that the patio has sunk near the foundation of the home. This patio was most likely installed shortly after the home was built. Doing so is not a good idea since the ground around homes takes a few years to settle. Thus, any concrete you lay will settle along with it.

Our customer had just bought this home and wanted to revive the patio. We came in and raised the slabs. Then, we removed all the rotting boards in the joints and installed silicone caulk. With his new and improved patio, our client can now enjoy the beautiful pond in front of his home.

Patio Transformed From Dirty and Broken To Clean And Restored in Schaumburg

For this next project, we headed to Schaumburg to restore a patio that really needed our help. Our customer wanted to sell their home soon, but entertaining potential home buyers was going to be a problem. Their patio, which is around 30 to 40 years old, was cracked and dirty with grass in the patio cracks.

It took our team about two hours to level the slabs near the home and caulk all the cracks. We even colored the caulk to match the concrete better – that’s how much attention we pay to details! After a good cleaning, the patio looks amazing. And they didn’t even have to spend $6000-8000, which is what a replacement would have cost!

Do you need a concrete project that could transform your home? The Concrete Hero is ready to save the day! Call us at 224-653-8944 to get a quote from Illinois’ most trusted choice for concrete repair.

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