Best of the Week – Amazing Concrete Revivals in Illinois

Let’s be honest here – we don’t ever really spare a thought about the concrete slabs we walk on daily. That is until we trip and almost fall on them. You might find yourself awake at 2 am wondering about concrete leveling or concrete raising and wondering if you could do it yourself. It seems like an easy fix, right?

Now, technically you could, but that doesn’t mean you should.

As with many things in life, we’re better off leaving some things to the professionals. These are people (US!) who have dedicated years of their lives to a single craft, ready and able to fix any problem you may encounter regarding their area of expertise. Admittedly you don’t really think of the word “expert” when thinking of concrete repairs, but that’s what we’re here for.

We’re here to show you how it’s done.

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Fast, Effective Patio Concrete Leveling and Caulking in Bartlett

Uneven outdoor slabs in the patio may not seem like the biggest of issues, but every wise homeowner knows that even seemingly tiny annoyances like that should be addressed. That’s because they know that even the smallest of problems can lead to other, more dangerous ones when left unattended. Take this customer we had who understood this principle and had her patio repaired as soon as she could.

Her problem was simple – the outdoor slabs were a mess. She was concerned that the rainwater directed towards her home proper could lead to more serious issues such as foundation problems or a damp basement. Hardly any self-respecting homeowner would want to deal with these problems at any point.

She also had a hard time moving freely in her own patio because the floors were a trip hazard. It’s hard enough trying to finish outdoor chores, but having to mind her step every bit of the way got a bit irritating. She called us up and asked for a repair, so we came right over and took a look.

It was an easy enough fix making sure the slabs fit perfectly. We simply raised the levels then caulked the cracks – nice and clean. And with just a two-man crew, the job was done in two hours. Her concrete slabs were finally in tip-top shape with all the joints sealed tight.

Just like that, her patio’s ready for use for another 20 years easy, looking as brand new as the day it was constructed.

Prompt Driveway Settling Repair in Batavia

If you’re like one of our customers who’s had his driveway settle over time, don’t fret. It’s perfectly normal. As with all things, even the ground itself wears out over time. But when you work with us, that shouldn’t be a problem.

Now, this client’s issue was that his garage had a very annoying bump. Having to drive or walk over this bump every time he had to go to the garage was getting cumbersome. Uneven flooring like this always translates into an automatic floor hazard, so he called us up to have it fixed as soon as possible.

We were there in a snap. The crew caulked the gap between the driveway and the floor, thus ensuring everything was put back together. No more bump to worry about! Our team finished the job within the hour, with the whole thing costing only $600.

St. Charles Patio Needed a Complete Concrete Revival

This one’s a bit of a doozy, as it required a complete concrete revival. The project took a bit more time to complete compared to the previous two.

We began by raising the slabs in the middle of the patio. Once that was done, we moved on to power washing it, making sure that we removed as much debris and dust as we could for the best possible adherence come to the caulking stage.

The next day was when we caulked everything. Our team got rid of any nasty cracks and fractures we found. Finally, a sealer was applied to the surface. This was done to make sure that the concrete had an extra layer of protection against deterioration while giving it a bit life by adding a new shine.

At the end of the project, the 20-year-old patio looked as good as new. Best of all, it was repaired and enhanced so that it’ll last another 20 just as easily. You know what they say, prevention is better than cure! The Concrete Hero thinks that’ll ring true for this patio for a very long time.

Concrete Restoration in Schaumburg Due to a Poor Base

The title says it all! Upon inspecting this particular space, we immediately deduced that the cause was poorly executed work by whoever built the patio and driveway before.

The base was clumsily put together and not strong enough for what it was supposed to do. Not enough stone and poorly compacted material turned it into a ticking time bomb, and it all inevitably sunk after a while. Couple this with the fact that some water had been making its way through the cracks to the underside of the concrete. You’ve got an almost perfect recipe for causing settling.

Of course, we were very happy to help. It took 4 hours of work, which began with raising the concrete, then leveling it, then caulking it. Our team made sure that these concrete structures would be kept from any future settling for a good while. We’re pretty sure this one will hold up this time.

Concrete Raising, Leveling, and Restoration Services in Illinois

These are only a fraction of the projects we’ve done in our many years of operation. Rest assured each and every one of them has led to happy and safe customers who no longer have to worry about sunken, unlevel, and cracked concrete

When it comes to all your concrete revival needs, the Concrete Hero is ready to save the day! Call us at 224-653-8944 to get a quote from Illinois’ most trusted choice for concrete repair.

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