Best of This Week: An Amazing Coat of Armor for a Garage in Geneva

“The appearance of your garage doesn’t matter because it’s just for cars anyway.” If that’s what you believe, think again!

Well, yes, the primary purpose of the garage is to provide a place for you to park your car. But it is still an extension of your home’s living space. It’s a place for you to store your things, from garden tools to other supplies. Some people also use their garages as their workshop, for projects too messy to do inside the house.  Others even use part of the garage to create a little gym or office.

Whatever you use your garage for, it’s important to keep it functional and clean. Who would want to spend time in a garage that looks neglected and messy, right? We have bad news for you, though. As much as we love our garages, their floors get worn down and damaged quickly…

Unless you protect your garage floor! But how? Read on to find out how we took care of our client’s garage floor woes.

Bare and Unprotected Garage Concrete Floor in Geneva

This project takes us to Geneva, where a family was having trouble with their garage floor. It was crumbling and badly damaged because of over 30 years of salt abused. Large sections of the concrete floor were breaking down, exposing the stones beneath. Our client was tired of having to walk over this, as well as deal with the pebbles and dust the worn down floor brought about!

Plus, a floor like this could easily absorb oils and chemicals, which can create unpleasant odors and stains. Replacing the entire garage floor would have cost a very expensive $4000-5000! We at The Concrete Hero came to the rescue with our professional coating system which cost only $2800.

Expert Installation of Garage Coating System in Illinois

Here’s how we did it!

  1. First, we removed open pores and weak surface from the floor with diamond grinding. We collected any dust produced using a vacuum.
  2. Next, we used professional grade polymer to repair any chips, cracks, and pits. This step smooths the floor’s surface.
  3. We then applied an industrial grade 100% solids base coat to create a substrate with maximum adhesion.
  4. Our team broadcasted chips into the wet base. These chips provide color, additional protection, and texture to the floor.
  5. Lastly, we applied a premium grade polyaspartic clear coat with an anti-slip additive. Doing so will provide the ultimate protection from fading, scratches, and hot tire marks as well as giving the floor a beautiful shine.

Most floors take just two days to finish. For this project, it took our team 3 days to complete all the steps because of the high amount of restoration and repairs that needed to be done.

All that hard work and effort was definitely worth it because we were able to protect our client’s concrete garage floor so it can look great and last long. Here’s how it looks now!

Garage Coating Features Our Client Will Enjoy

Here are the benefits our client can now enjoy thanks to our garage coating system:

    • The floor will not chip or peel. Our coating penetrates deeply into the concrete, making the bond extremely strong.
    • The floor will not yellow. Because our coating is stable even when exposed to UV light, the garage floor will not discolor nor fade from the sun.
    • The floor is scratch-resistant. It can resist any damage caused by hot tires, chemicals, and abrasion.
    • The floor is easy to clean. All you need to do is hose it down.
    • The floor has a lifetime residential warranty. Need a touch-up? Give us a quick call and we will fix it as soon as possible.

Our industrial grade coating system is designed to extend the life of concrete floors by providing maximum protection while also greatly enhancing the look and feel and adding value to the home. The homeowners were very happy to see the results!

Valiant Steed for Our Dashing Concrete Heroes

Now that the job is done, it’s time to pack up. But wait, where did this trailer come from? It’s The Concrete Hero’s valiant steed!

Our trailer that holds all the equipment and materials needed to raise, caulk, clean, seal and install coatings. Yes, it all fits in this single trailer! That’s because we don’t use heavy and messy equipment to complete our concrete projects.  

The Concrete Hero is ready to enhance your garage floor’s look and feel! Call us at 224-653-8944 to get a quote from Illinois’ most trusted choice for concrete repair.

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