Creating Safer, Better-Looking Homes with Quality Concrete Restoration Projects in Illinois

Summertime can become a handful for us adults especially with the kids home since school is out. We can’t really expect them to stay indoors all the time when the sun is up and shining so bright! It’s pretty much expected that they’ll be running all around the porch and front yard with their friends. That’s totally fine unless your outdoor concrete structures are cracked or unlevel.

Damaged concrete patios, driveways, porches, and more are an open invitation to accidents and skin abrasions. No one wants that. To provide an effective solution to this dilemma, The Concrete Hero is here to save the day.

Below are just a few of the concrete repair projects we did this week. To see is to believe so check them out!

Good First Impressions Go Hand in Hand with Safety in Elk Grove

A porch that is sunken and cracked is dangerous and can look very uninviting if you plan on having guests over. Thus, getting the best concrete repair service is a must.

In one of our recent projects, we had to deal with the cracks, gaps, and unlevel surface a porch had in Elk Grove. These concrete issues caused discomfort for the homeowner while creating an unpleasant eyesore.

The team at The Concrete Hero managed to fix it up in no time. In just a quick two-hour session, our two-man crew was able to raise and stabilize the porch. Plus, we also caulked all the cracks so the porch would no longer be a trip hazard.

And the best part? Our services have a lifetime warranty so our client can have the peace of mind, knowing that we will come back and re-lift it if it were to sink again. But because our services are top quality and meant to last for a long time, it looks like they won’t be needing repairs anytime soon!

Stepping Up Our Concrete Game with a Level Patio in Palatine

Patios are the perfect place to entertain guests and hold outdoor parties. Plus, kids enjoy having a wide and level area to let their imagination loose and have fun. But what if your patio was sunken and cracked? That is a huge no-no!

The concrete along the home on this patio in Palatine had sunk incredibly low. This unlevel concrete caused water to pool along the foundation, which can cause major foundation issues. The homeowner would have to deal with muddy puddles, wet shoes, and slippery accidents when they had to enter their home as well. Plus, the slabs had huge gaps in between, which simply looked bad!

Our reliable two-man team solved this problem right away. We raised the patio to about six inches at its worst side, restoring the patio to the correct level. Next, we made sure to caulk all the joints and cracks. And the cherry on top? This solution is a whole lot more affordable than getting a new replacement, which can cost up to $7000.

Transforming Another Concrete Patio in Palatine

Leaking water not only looks bad, but it can also cause a lot of big problems for both your home’s foundation and your outdoor concrete structures. Think electrical malfunctions, dangerous accidents, disgusting molds, and more! And don’t forget, exposing your concrete to too much water can cause it to crack and sink.

This next Palatine client complained about their uneven, slanted patio that allowed water to pool towards their house. The water eventually started leaking into their home! We successfully managed to raise the patio to pitch the correct way. The team even power washed the patio, clearing it of dirt, debris, and stagnant water.

In just three hours, our client’s patio was no longer causing any water issues and even looked brand new! Our services had made a drastic improvement in their patio. For a small cost, we fix major problems quickly with minimal disruption to our clients’ yards.


Improving Concrete Driveways in Schaumburg

Pools are great during the summer. But a pool of water caused by an unlevel driveway? No thanks!

Our client noticed that their driveway wasn’t in its best shape. When we came over to check it out, we discovered it had settled pretty badly at the lower corner. This might have been due to a former pipe repair, which now caused a pond to form in the spot every time it rained.

The team went in and lifted the driveway, leveling it to its correct height. We also caulked all the cracks to prevent any further damage. It took us only three hours to finish the job. Such great results!

Choose the best for your concrete. Choose The Concrete Hero to save the day! Call us at 224-653-8944 to get a quote from Illinois’ most trusted choice for concrete repair.

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