Concrete Repairs: An Affordable Way to Make Your Home Beautiful

From July 13 to August 21, the Norris Cultural Arts Center in St. Charles will be hosting the “50th Anniversary Show”. This event was made to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Batavia’s Water Street Studios and the 40th of St. Charles’ Fine Line Creative Arts Center. Artists and instructions from all over the land will showcase their beautiful masterpieces in order to promote their support towards the arts and crafts community.

What else is beautiful on St. Charles other than these works of art? Our homes. Thanks to our quality-assured concrete projects, homes in the area are able to maintain their beauty. Below are structures we beautified through the power of concrete just this week. 

Smoothening the Bumps Out of this Bartlett Driveway

Your driveway is one of the first things people can see outside your house. A nice, clean driveway helps in making the best first impression with guests, neighbors, and strangers. Sinking concrete in the driveway can create speed bumps that are both an inconvenience and an annoyance.

In fact, this can make your garage more prone to hazards – bumping your car against the garage door while parking, tripping and falling as you go in and out of the garage, and other situations that can cause possible injuries. For these reasons, our customer in Bartlett asked for our expert help.

In only 3 hours, we managed to remove the bump. We did this by raising the driveway to match the garage floor’s level using our polyurethane raising system. Compared to the usual mud jacking technique, this repair can last for a longer time as the material we used will not easily break down or wash away. We also managed to conceal any work done as the holes are as small as a dime, making them barely noticeable. Lastly, we caulked all open joints around the concrete slabs for added protection and aesthetics.

Step with Ease on this Front Step in Inverness

Regardless of how a home is made, every property must have a strong foundation for it to stand on its own. And as foundations are always buried within the land, rainwater can and will damage it over time if left unchecked.

Our customer in Inverness had this very problem, as their front steps were pitched towards their home, which in turn directed water towards their house’s foundation. If not resolved, this can cripple their foundation. Plus, their front step had become a huge eyesore!

We raised the front steps up at around 4-5 inches back to the original level. Our team then caulked any gaps. With barely noticeable holes and highly durable materials, our method is the most optimal repair option for situations like this. It’s also cost-efficient, as it only cost less than a thousand compared to replacements that range around $3000-4000.

Add More Value to Your Home with a Well-Maintained Patio

Having a patio on your home not only makes it look better but also adds value. Having one built also provides you and your family a nice spot to relax and unwind. With easy, low maintenance requirements and high durability, there should be no reason why you should not consider getting a patio for your home.

The only problem is if that patio falls into a state of disrepair. Our client in Rosemont was having trouble with a sinking patio. Any unfortunate person who wants to walk through it might trip and fall. To add insult to injury, the water was pooling in the middle of the patio, making it an overall eyesore.

Our two-man crew easily restored the patio back to its original level. We also managed to caulk all the joints, making the patio look nicer than before. With this quick fix, we managed to effectively extend the life span of the patio for another 10 to 20 years. Plus, our customer also managed to save a thousand dollars in the process!

Restoring the Beauty of your Home, Just a Fix Away

Known for its durability, adaptability, and low carbon footprint content, concrete is widely known over the world as one of the most cost-efficient and versatile materials that can be used not only in homes and buildings but also on pavements and sidewalks. In addition, concrete also provides a boost towards the aesthetics of a property, whether it is a residential or a commercial one.

Want to take advantage of concrete’s limitless potential to enhance the beauty of your home? Call us at 224-653-8944 to get a quote from Illinois’ most trusted choice for concrete repair.

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