Fixing Concrete Patios and Driveways in Illinois with Polyurethane

East State Street in Geneva is leveling up! From a new streetscape to a new storm sewer system, the area is definitely leveling up. It just goes to show that Illinois is continuously changing for the better, so that residents can always have access to the best facilities. If you want to learn more about their roadway reconstruction, you can read all about it here.

Geneva’s East State Street isn’t the only place that’s getting upgrades. Concrete structures in homes all over Illinois are also improving, thanks to our concrete repair, maintenance, and installation. This week, we extended the life and enhanced the appearance of concrete for two homeowners. Read all about it below!

Permanent Fix for Sunken Concrete with Concrete Lifting in Buffalo Grove

We all know that nothing lasts forever. Thus, we replace our lightbulbs, buy new appliances, and more. Concrete is no exception at all. It settles and sinks, giving it an appearance far from what it looked like when it was brand new. And it’s a safety hazard, too!

There are plenty of reasons why our concrete sinks. The driveway pictured above in a Buffalo Grove home most likely settled due to a poorly constructed base and possible drainage issues.

Driveway settling was most likely caused by a poorly constructed base and possible drainage issues. Aside from the sinking, their concrete was in good shape. A replacement would have been very expensive and invasive. It would not only have cost our client a lot but also disrupt their daily activities considering how often the driveway is used daily. And we can’t have that!

Our concrete raising and leveling services are different though. You can learn all about our process here. It took us only 3 hours to complete the project. Now, our client has a restored driveway AND peace of mind knowing it will no longer be a problem. We offer a lifetime warranty. So, if it sinks again, we will come back and raise at no charge. That’s how much we care about our clientele.

Polyjacking in Rolling Meadows—A Much Better Option to Mudjacking

Our next project takes us to Rolling Meadows. Our client was tired of the water that was draining towards his home and not the yard. They were also concerned about what foundation issues this could cause!

The sinking was most likely due to the patio being built over unsettled ground and/or improperly compacted backfill along the home. No matter what the reason, The Concrete Hero had the team for the job.

Our crew spent only a few hours raising the patio 2-3 inches back to its original level. Plus, we even pressure washed away all the dirt so the patio would look spick and span. The following day, we caulked all the open joints and cracks to protect the concrete from sinking and cracking again in the future.  

Our client was so happy with our work, they left us the following review:

“Setting up an estimate to getting the work completed was a breeze!  Concrete Hero did an amazing job with our sinking and dirty back patio.  Our back patio looks brand new and now the water is flowing away from our foundation versus towards it and into our basement!  We will definitely be using them for future concrete projects! Thank you to the 2 guys from Concrete Hero that worked on our back patio and to Peter Catalano!”

Do you want concrete improvements like these for your home? Call us at 224-653-8944 to get a quote from Illinois’ most trusted choice for concrete repair.

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