Transforming Illinois with Restored and Beautified Concrete

Recently, a pair of kittens were born at Naples Zoo. And they’re not just any kitties—they’re the rare, endangered clouded leopard kittens! The two clouded leopard kittens named Jean and Janet are currently doing well thanks to the hard work and efforts of the Naples Zoo team. If you have the time and heart to do so, please do visit the to check the kittens out and see how you can help.

Just like how the kittens need a safe place to stay, we also need safe patios and pathways. Making do with hazardous and broken paths can lead to unwanted accidents that could have been preventable had we known where exactly to ask for help from.  Keeping our homes safe and beautiful shouldn’t feel like a headache, and it won’t especially with The Concrete Hero. We care for your homes as if they were our own. We certainly do not want damaged pathways and other concrete structures ruining our home and putting our safety at risk.

This week, we were able to work on a few projects that we are most certainly proud of! These homes deserve only the best of the best. Here’s what we’ve been up to this week.

The Concrete Hero Saves a Patio and Walkway in Arlington Heights

It is important to check the state of your concrete structures and how they work, especially during the rainy and snowy season. They can either be your best friend or your worst nightmare.

In this project, we were called to fix a lot of problems. The cracks and uneven surface of the patio and walkway were causing a lot of issues for the homeowner. They were an open invitation to slippery accidents, something that put the safety of children and the elderly at risk. 

Our team worked as hard as they could raise the height of the concrete patio and walkway to its proper level. We also filled the cracks to remove the trip hazards, and power washed everything after. This is to ensure that no dirt or sticky grime can cause further slippery accidents, as well as to make the concrete look brand new.

When the project was done, our client was now able to enjoy the even pathways. There were no more uneven slabs to cause any unwanted accidents. Not only did it save them from future harm, but it also helped them save on funds as our restoration services are much cheaper than a replacement!

Bringing Value to Homes with Restored Concrete in Bartlett

It’s not easy to replace anything that once gave you happy memories. Especially if it’s a place you hold dear to your heart!

For this project, our client decided they preferred repairing instead of replacing their old sunken patio. Concrete restorations can help change and transform a house’s look without being too invasive. If anything, they also contribute to adding value to a client’s home. 

Restoring and repairing a broken patio is definitely a lot more affordable than replacing it. For this reason, our concrete restoration services are a good choice for clients who don’t have a huge budget and would like to maintain their home’s trademark aesthetic. 

The sections of the concrete patio along the client’s home were sinking most likely the result and ground settlement and possible erosion from a downspout at the corner. It only took our team took a few hours to raise and caulk all the joints. Now, the client’s patio is as good as new and will be able to last another 10 years.  

Helping an Inverness Homeowner with a Concrete Driveway Restoration

Nobody wants to drive through anything that’s too bumpy and uneven. That’s the job of an amusement park ride, not a driveway! Driveways are supposed to be even and smooth like butter so that we won’t get stressed while driving, as well as ensure our safety.

Imagine having to drive on a cracked, uneven driveway. It can definitely ruin your day, even if it just started! We don’t want to start our mornings on a bad note, do we? 

Our third project was literally big! The team had to work on a very large driveway full of cracks and sunken spots. But of course, these were no match for The Concrete Hero. We started by carefully caulking all the joints and cracks in the pathway before moving on to raising a few sunken sections on the path along the garage.

The client also requested us to do preventive maintenance to extend the life of their driveway. We did this by caulking all the joints. 

Replacing a driveway as spacious as this one can be pretty expensive (ranging between 20 to 30 thousand dollars!). Luckily, we were able to repair and maintain the driveway for our client instead. 

Because all the joints and cracks were successfully caulked, water can no longer get below the concrete and in the cracks. This effectively reduces the chance of slabs sinking and cracks forming or widening. 

Caulking is a lifesaver for pathways. We were able to prolong the concrete driveway’s life and keep the concrete from developing cracks or getting uneven.

Go check your driveway—it might need some maintenance. Don’t be like others who neglect their concrete, and only ask for help when it’s already too late.

Take care of your concrete. Call us at 224-653-8944 to get a quote from Illinois’ most trusted choice for concrete repair.

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