Leveling a Buffalo Grove Driveway & Other Fun Projects

driveway raising

At The Concrete Hero, we always love featuring awesome events in the local area. This Saturday, we get to look forward to the Kane County Recycles Event. If you have any old electronics and documents, you can bring them over to 540 S. Randall in St. Charles to get them recycled! Learn more about the event here.

Did you know that concrete is recyclable as well? It’s eco-friendly AND sustainable as a building material. We make sure there is minimum waste when it comes to concrete. With our services, you don’t have to destroy and replace your old concrete structures—all our team has to do is restore them!

Here’s what we were up to this week.

Efficiently Concrete Lifting a Driveway and Walkway in Buffalo Grove 

Our first project takes place in Buffalo Grove. We worked on not just one, but two concrete structures. Their driveway and walkway had settled around the perimeter of their home. With the ground now fully settled into place around the area, this type of sinking shouldn’t happen again. Now’s the perfect time for Concrete Hero to come to the rescue!

Our two-man team came in to fix it with our polyurethane raising system in just two hours. Compared to mudjacking, our system is a much more permanent solution. The material we use does not shrink or break down over time, thus making it a worthy investment for any homeowner. You can see the difference it makes just from looking at our pictures alone!  Another perfect Buffalo Grove Leveling rescue!

Complete Concrete Revival For a Hanover Park Patio

Our two-man team just wasn’t done yet! We headed to Hanover Park next to work on this homeowner’s patio.

Two sections of the patio were sunken, as indicated by the two blue arrows above. Plus, the concrete had a dirty, worn-out look! We fixed it in two hours with our popular 3-Step Revival System. This process includes raising and leveling the two sunken sections and power washing the surface. Don’t forget the third step—once the surface is all dried, we caulk all the cracks and joints to prevent any other issues. Now, their patio looks as spic-and-span as it did when it was first installed.

No other company except for the Concrete Hero offers such a system. Other businesses might have one or two of these services, but we’re definitely the only ones that provide these three altogether. Our complete restoration and protection package is incomparable! 

The Best Concrete Lifting for This Front Walk in Kildeer

This last project takes place in Kildeer. Almost all homes experience settling before the front walk, making this a very common repair for our crew. Front walk projects can be difficult, depending on the size of the walk as well as how much the slabs needed to be raised. Because of all our experience with walkways, it was no biggie for our two-man crew. Our techs are proficient in raising walks quickly and accurately, which is why they fixed this in under an hour!

Do you want concrete improvements like these for your home? Call us at 224-653-8944 to get a quote from Illinois’ most trusted choice for concrete repair.

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