Algonquin Patio Raising & Repair – And More!

We are off to an excellent start to August. Here’s what we’ve been up to!

Raising & Caulking Cracked Concrete and More in Algonquin

If your concrete is cracked, does that mean you’re in trouble?

Some fine cracks might look a little aesthetic, but cracks like the one pictured below both look unappealing AND become a possible tripping hazard. Our client’s patio had cracked, possibly because of improper joint placement during construction. It had even started sloping towards the home, as you can see from the crack under the step.

To protect our client’s concrete from further damage, our team caulked the crack. This long-lasting solution will keep any water that can cause additional damage out as well. Plus, we even raised the patio along the home a few inches.   Our team did a great job raising and repairing this Algonquin patio.

Our client can now enjoy the benefits of an aesthetically-pleasing and hazard-free patio.

Concrete Raising for a Sinking Patio in Buffalo Grove

With how much time we spend on our concrete patios, fixing any sinking slabs are always a great investment. Who would want to have an outdoor barbecue or even just relax on an uneven surface anyway?

This client in Buffalo Grove had to deal with slabs on his patio that were not only uneven but also looked bad! Don’t forget the fact that water had started draining towards his home. You can’t just wish away a problem like this, as it can cause potential injuries. So our client made the smart decision of contacting the Concrete Hero.

The concrete was in relatively good shape other than the settling, so raising was the perfect solution. Our client went with our 4-Step Revival System, which includes more than raising slabs. Our team also power washed the surface, caulked all the joints, and even applied a penetrating sealer.

Now, the patio is good as new with an additional 20 years to its life!

Settled Driveway Fixed with Concrete Raising in Crystal Lake

This next project takes us to Crystal Lake. Our client’s driveway had settled, as pictured below. The sinking had become ridiculously noticeable, an annoyance whenever our client had to drive their car into their garage.

The settling was most likely caused by poor backfilling and compacting of the perimeter during the construction of the home. It was a quick fix for our crew! We raised the slabs by about two to three inches in just an hour. After raising, we caulked the joints to protect the concrete against water intrusion.

There are many homes in the Crystal Lake neighborhood that have this very problem. If you are struggling with a sunken driveway, you know who to call (us, of course).

Concrete Revival for a Cracked Patio in Lake Zurich

Lake Zurich is a lovely village located in Lake County, Illinois. It’s a beautiful place to visit, full of scenic views and fun experiences. But one thing that can ruin anyone’s view is damaged concrete.

This client’s patio is over 50 years old. Considering the age, their patio wasn’t in decent shape. There was one issue our client had, though—the random cracking caused by not having any control joints installed.

Getting a patio like this replaced would have cost $6,000-8,000, a huge amount. Instead, our client contacted us and went with our 4-Step Revival System. To extend the life of their patio, we raised one sunken section, and then power washed the surface. We then caulked the cracks and applied penetrating sealer on the next day.

Their patio is now ready for another 50 years of life, costing our client only roughly $1,000.

Do you want concrete improvements like these for your home? Call us at 224-653-8944 to get a quote from Illinois’ most trusted choice for concrete repair.

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