Latest Concrete Repairs in Arlington Heights, Schaumburg & Naperville

Bartlett walkway repair

Patios are a wonderful addition to any outdoor living space. It doesn’t have to be big or expensive—regardless of the cost, you can use it for dining, recreation, and relaxation. Plus, you can beautify it with the right accessories and furniture. You can add a personal touch to your patio with the affordable discounts on great outdoor furniture in St. Charles, Illinois by clicking this link here.

A wonderful set of outdoor furniture can make your patio more inviting. However, furniture is just one side of the coin. You see, even if the concrete is strong and durable, it won’t last forever if it’s not well-maintained. Our top-notch maintenance and repair services will make your patio look 20 years younger–a perfect match for your new furniture set.

Read on to find out how we transformed concrete structures with our latest projects for this week.

Raising the Bar with Concrete Raising for a Patio in Arlington Heights

Our clients in Arlington Heights were getting tired of such a high step on their patio. Don’t forget how water was draining towards the house! This water leak is particularly dangerous as it could mess up the foundation underneath the house. The homeowner would end up with some serious damage, and also an expensive repair bill.

You can see in the photos below that the slabs were misaligned at very awkward angles–definitely an eyesore and the first thing that anyone will notice. Water seepage to the foundation is no joke especially when the exposure is prolonged and extensive. The last thing anyone needs is a house that will eventually fall apart on its own weight due to structural damage to the foundation.

Before we even began working on the patio, we could see how the high step was one big trip hazard and posed a danger to the residents, guests, and even our crew.  To fix this, we raised the patio by 5 inches to restore it back to its original level. All cracks and gaps were also sealed to prevent water from seeping into the foundation of the house.

The project went smoothly as expected. You can’t even tell that the patio has undergone repairs. This attention to detail is important to us because we want to leave the project site with our clients happy and satisfied with the end result.  

Addressing a Nasty Case of Sunken Slabs by Concrete Lifting a Patio in Arlington Heights

Our crew went back to Arlington Heights to meet with a client who just moved into their new home. The customer wanted to extend the life of their patio but didn’t want to spend a lot of money for a full replacement.

When our crew arrived, the patio was in terrible shape. Nothing we couldn’t handle! We identified the cause of the problem as the leaky discharge line that you can see at the bottom right of the before picture. The pipe will now be repaired and corrected by a professional, as our experts handled the concrete problems.

It only took us three hours to complete the project, with concrete slabs raised an all cracks sealed. A full replacement would have cost $6000 to $7000 minimum. We repaired the patio for only $1000. When you’re on a tight budget and unwilling to spend a huge amount of money on a full restoration, our repair services are the next best thing. They save time, money, and energy, making them great solutions during emergencies.

Making Homes in Batavia and Naperville Safer by Restoring Their Concrete Walkways

We went to Batavia for this project. They wanted us to fix the wobbly slabs on the walkway outside their house. When you live with kids and the elderly, a few unstable concrete slabs could lead to serious injury. We can’t pinpoint the exact cause in this case, but we could assume there was a leaky pipe somewhere that was causing water to seep through the foundation of the walkway. Using our PolyJack system, we raised six sections in front of the house and a few more at the back. This project was completed in a few hours for only 1/4 of what a full replacement might have cost.

We worked on a project similar to the one in Batavia here in Naperville. Some sections of the concrete walkway had sunk unevenly, posing a serious trip hazard to children and the elderly. Our team raised walkway sections with polyurethane and then power washed the concrete. We also caulked all the cracks. Quick and easy!  Some excellent concrete raising in Naperville!

The end result looks good as new for only a fraction of the cost if the client went for a full replacement. The client loved our work so much that we even received a very nice Google review:

“Wonderful work and experience. They raised our sinking walkway, sealed joints and power washed. We are extremely happy with the whole project and would recommend Pete and his crew to anyone.”

Our business is built on the unmatched quality of service that we bring, and reviews like this are heartwarming and give us motivation in our work.

Concrete Leveling to Deal with Unwanted Speedbump in Schaumburg Driveway

One of our clients in Schaumburg IL had installed a temporary ramp in his driveway because he got tired of hitting an intrusive speed bump right in front of his garage. This little “speed bump” is actually made up of huge cracks that run across the concrete slabs.

The driveway had settled at about 4 inches, so we fixed it by raising the concrete with polyurethane and properly sealing all the cracks. Notice the small holes about the size of a dime? Unlike traditional mudjacking, polyurethane jacking only needs smaller holes in order to inject the substance. Mudjacking requires bigger holes and may actually be harmful to the concrete by causing cracks to form. The entire surface was then power washed to make it as good as new. The driveway was usable right off the bat! As a bonus, we even offered a lifetime warranty so the client will never worry about fixing his driveway again. Again, our attention to detail shows when you barely even notice that the driveway had undergone any repairs.  Again another top rated concrete lifting in Schaumburg!

Do you want concrete improvements like these for your home? Call us at 224-653-8944 to get a quote from Illinois’ most trusted choice for concrete repair.

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