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Polyurethane Concrete Raising

Polyjacking has been around for over two decades or so. The process is really simple, clean, and time-saving. With a cure time of only around 15 minutes, this makes a great solution for any concrete emergency. Polyurethane is also environmentally safe and will not shrink or breakdown overtime.

Here are the latest projects we worked on using polyjacking.

Lifting Sunken Concrete Slabs Using Polyurethane Foam in Barrington

Patios are an important piece of architecture in any modern home. It provides an open space to welcome your guests and make them feel at home while enjoying the fresh air outside the house. What you have in your patio and how it was designed tells a lot about the homeowner. It is one thing to have a patio that serves as a great place to spend some time with, and it’s another thing to keep it safe for all your guests and family members to enjoy.

Here’s a classic example of sunken concrete slabs that are dangerously located near the steps. These cause water to pool around the area, creating a trip hazard when you step outside the door and onto the patio. This can potentially lead to serious slip and fall injuries and, for commercial properties, premises liability cases which can be a total headache for establishment owners.

Two of our highly-trained technical staff spent around two hours working on the site. Using the patented PolyLift technology, they were able to precisely lift the sunken slabs of concrete in a short amount of time. It’s clean, it’s easy, and doesn’t require heavier equipment. Most of all, it’s time-saving. Need an emergency fix on your patio? The Concrete Hero has your back.

Large, Dirty & Sunken Patio Fixed with Concrete Raising in Buffalo Grove

While this isn’t the first time we encountered this problem, it won’t be the last. Here is how we fixed a homeowner’s patio in Buffalo Grove.

Clearly, this patio may not have been built with a proper base which caused some sections to settle. This rarely happens when you hire a reputable contractor to build your home as they are skilled and knowledgeable enough to cover all the bases to avoid unnecessary complications in the future. In any case, certain unavoidable factors can cause some of the concrete slabs to settle awkwardly, making them a constant eyesore if you don’t do something about it. Changes in the soil’s moisture content and wash out the soil under the slabs will cause them to sink. Poorly-compacted soil is also a common cause of slab settlement unless the contractor pays special attention to the foundation of the concrete.

Our team conducted a 3-step revival system for two days on the project site. This process includes raising and leveling the two sunken sections, power-washing the surface, as well as caulking all the cracks and joints to prevent other issues in the future. In this case, we raised all the sections on day one. All the wood boards that were falling apart were removed, and all the joints were power washed. On day two, all that was left to do was to caulk all the joints and voila! This 25-year-old patio now is good for another 25 years.

You see, water can wash away the base material in concrete slabs and cause them to sink. Joint sealing and caulking prevent water and other undesirables from getting below the concrete. It also prevents cracks and gaps from growing wider over time. Our commercial-grade penetrating sealing compounds prevent water, chemicals, and seasonal changes from ruining concrete while giving it a neat-looking finished look. Another top rated patio repair in Buffalo Grove!

Foam Lifting to Address Water Exposure and Backfill Settling in St. Charles

For this project, the base was most likely poorly made when the concrete was poured. Plus, the backfill around the house had settled over time, which caused water to accumulate at the corner when it rained. Improper soil compaction and exposure to the elements are the main causes of slab settlement. In some cases, sinking may also cause some cracks to form across the concrete. Not a good scenario. Too much water leaking into the soil underneath due to improper sealing will cause the soil to erode, which also leads to sinking. 

We used our trademark polyjacking system which injects a polyurethane foam underneath the sunken slabs to raised them back into place. This corrects the misaligned slabs and addresses the drainage issue, raising the patio about 5” along the home. Unlike soil, polyurethane is firm and does not erode.

There was also a large crack running across the patio. It was quite the eyesore so we caulked it using our SuperFlex commercial grade sealant to prevent it from getting worse.

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