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Lifting, Cleaning & Sealing Arlington Heights Patio & Beyond

You can find concrete in bridges, roads, and dams. And you can even find it in your home! We bet your home has at least one concrete structure. Is it your patio? Your driveway? Your front step?

Whatever it is, it needs some TLC. It could be cracked, dirty, or unlevel — no matter, because our team at The Concrete Hero will take care of it. Don’t believe us? Read on and take a look at all the concrete structures we rescued just this week!

Complete Concrete Revival in Arlington Heights

A homeowner for this Arlington Heights patio asked us for help, so we came to the rescue. They had just moved into their home, and the patio was not in its best shape. Instead of spending 12-15 thousand dollars on a replacement, they called our team in for our quick and effective concrete services.

When we first checked the area out, we discovered that the patio had sunken sections in the middle and large gaps around the walls. The surface and steps were also very dirty, making it look older than it actually was.

With our 4-Step Revival System, we did the following so this patio could look new again:

  • Raised all the sunken slabs
  • Caulked the gaps along the home and steps
  • Power washed the entire surface
  • Applied a sealer for protection

This job took us only two days to complete, with only a few hours each day.

Are you wondering how we got their patio so clean? The answer lies below!

Presenting, our handy dandy orbital power washer! With this bad boy, we can perform a deep clean on all concrete structures. It’s better than using a wand or gun when power washing, as the cleaning is more uniform without unwanted streaks. Using this device, we can finish cleaning a patio in half an hour right after we finish raising the concrete slabs. If your concrete is dirtier than usual, we’ll come in and bring this along so it will be completely spotless.

Helping Homes Sell Faster with Concrete Lifting in Barrington

Our next client was looking to sell his home soon, but they had a big problem. The step on their stoop was way too high, which was out of code, so our team went in and took a look. The findings? Their concrete was still in good shape, but it had settled at about 4 inches.

Our two-man crew came in and raised four sections of the walkway. We then caulked the large joints where the old wood 2×4’s had rotted. In a matter of hours, the repair came out perfectly!

Had they gotten this replaced, it would have taken a week to complete AND cost 3 times more. Good thing they called us, right?

Polyjacking Fixes Major Settling in Batavia

Last stop, Batavia! The corner of our client’s driveway, along with several sections of their driveway, had settled considerably. Because of this settling, the concrete was starting to crack.

Our solution was to raise the entire area. We also raised sections near the top of the driveway and caulked all the major cracks on the driveway. The transformation was definitely amazing.

Unlike mudjacking companies, our polyurethane foam lasts longer without shrinking or breaking down. The hole we make to repair concrete is so small, it’s barely noticeable. If you want a permanent fix for your concrete that is not intrusive, this is definitely the best choice.

Do you want concrete improvements like these for your home? Call us at 224-653-8944 to get a quote from Illinois’ most trusted choice for concrete repair.

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