Dealing with Sunken and Cracked Concrete In Barrington and Lake Zurich

Lake Zurich patio repair lifting

Broken concrete poses a lot of problems to the structure of your home and also to you, your loved ones, and guests. Water can seep through the cracks and damage the foundation underneath, causing even more problems. And wherever moisture is present, mold will also grow. Not only do molds inflict structural damage, but they are also a health risk to some people. Plus, uneven and sunken concrete slabs become tripping hazards, which are dangerous to young children and the elderly. Don’t forget the fact that cracks also have a habit of growing bigger over time if you ignore them.

DIY solutions will only get you so far. Only trained professionals such as our team here at The Concrete Hero can solve your problems permanently. We have a wide variety of services to bring life back to broken and damaged concrete. Our latest projects this week focus on concrete restoration and repair. Continue reading to find out more about the amazing things we do to concrete. 

Concrete Raising for a Sunken Driveway in Arlington Heights

For our first featured project this week, we worked on the driveway at our client’s home in Arlington Heights. Uneven concrete slabs on a driveway can be a huge eyesore and can pose a tripping hazard. Luckily, this is a fairly common problem we encounter and one that is easily fixed. Sunken or uneven concrete is usually the result of the foundation eroding underneath due to moisture and other factors. We leveled the slabs by raising them at around 4 to 5 inches using our signature polyurethane jacking solution. This project took our team only 3 hours to complete with 2 guys working on it.

Polyjacking has taken over mudjacking in recent years as it is much quicker and cleaner. We only need to drill a few dime-sized holes in the concrete, unlike mudjacking which is far more invasive. Holes from the polyjacking are barely noticeable once the project is finished and holes are properly sealed. 

Uneven Walkway Fixed With Concrete Lifting in Barrington

The site for this project is at a household in Barrington. As soon as you come near the house, you are greeted with a few uneven concrete slabs on the front walkway. Our customer thinks it is an eyesore that needs to be dealt with professionally and we couldn’t agree more. We raised these sunken slabs to about 4 inches to make sure they are at the correct level. Our team even did the same to their patio as well. There were a few small cracks that we also caulked. This job only took our team at least 2 to 3 hours to complete. When all is said and done, the walkway and the patio look good as new.

This type of service isn’t just limited to walkways alone. We can do it on patios, driveways, garage floors, and more. We can bring life back to old concrete and make look like new, with the signs of repair barely noticeable. 

Polylifting to Restore Damaged Patio in Lake Zurich

We encountered yet another case of uneven and cracked concrete at a patio in our client’s home here in Lake Zurich. The long black hose you see in the photo is what we use to inject our polyurethane into holes in the concrete to raise them at the appropriate level. Once we are done injecting polyurethane foam beneath the slabs, we patch those up so they look good as new.

We believe that this patio settled due to poor installation of the base and the cracks formed due to having no control joints installed. In just a few hours, our highly-trained staff easily solved this problem. We raised the patio to about 2 inches along the wall.

You can see in the next photo that the injection holes where the polyurethane was pumped into were barely noticeable after proper sealing. 

When you need quick repairs to your walkways, garage floors, and driveways, you can count on us here at The Concrete Hero to solve your concrete problems with our signature concrete repair, restoration, and raising services.

Do you want concrete improvements like these for your home? Call us at 224-653-8944 to get a quote from Illinois’ most trusted choice for concrete repair.

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