Lifting Sunken Concrete in Geneva and More!

Sunken driveway south elgin polylift

Efficiency is everything when performing your job, especially if it’s anything related to fixing something. With efficient fixes, you avoid any risks associated with the problem, as well as any other problems that might arise in the future.  When it comes to concrete lifting and raising, you bet we are efficient!

At the Concrete Hero, we truly believe that a job well done is better than repetitious band aid solutions, It’s the way to go in catering to our clients’ needs! Not only do we get to resolve a customer’s concern, but form a tight-knit between our clients based on trust. And because of this mindset, everyone on our team is highly specialized in performing all tasks that will be given to them. On top of that, our team will always go above and beyond to prevent any issues from happening again. When it comes to the services we perform, we strive to be both effective and dependable.

And we are always like that, no exceptions. No matter the project, we go ahead and face them head on – just like the following projects that we have faced this week.

Concrete Caulking and Raising for Cracked Patio in Geneva

For ten whole years, our customer had endured glaring issues on their sunken concrete Geneva patio – there are sunken sections near the step, making rainy days a terrible recipe for disaster. Rain water would pool up near their home, an accident waiting to happen. It was a safety hazard that could cause people to trip over the uneven floor and cracks. Their patio’s current state was both an unpleasant eyesore and a disastrous threat to anyone who would walk over it.


Ignoring those cracks won’t make them go away and leaving them unaddressed can cause unwanted accidents especially for families that have very young and elderly members. Even pets won’t enjoy tripping and falling!

To solve the problem, our team caulked the cracks and joints of the concrete patio in order to prevent them from getting worse. Our process was the perfect solution since the holes we drilled to inject our polyurethane foam were barely noticeable. The repair was done quickly and for a fraction of the cost of replacement. 

We also made sure that our concrete repairs are long lasting and will remain sturdy even as the rainy days come and go.

Concrete Driveway in South Elgin Quickly Restored and Lifted

The cracks on this client’s Elgin driveway developed as a result of the slabs sinking and the base washing away. Rainy days made this worse as the weight of the collected rainwater seeped through the broken concrete and caused its foundation to deteriorate even further. The left side sunk around 6″.  

While you’d have the option of replacing the entire driveway, the price difference between a replacement and a repair is ridiculous. Plus, the project would take a lot longer. Replacing damaged concrete structures is not the only solution out there. There are times when you need only to fill in some missing gaps and voila, you’re good to go. 

Our two man crew raised and stabilized the slabs with our polylift system and caulked the cracks to prevent things from getting worse.  It only took around two hours to complete and the driveway was immediately usable a few hours later. Regular replacement fees in other companies would have costed around $7000-8000.  We repaired it for a little over $1000. Like the saying goes, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. But in our case, if it’s still fixable, don’t replace it!

Our Polylift Solution for a Sunken Walk in St. Charles

Our next client was getting ready to replace his asphalt driveway. However, the St Charles walkway and driveway had sunk over the years. The new driveway would not be level with the old walkway, making it an overall eyesore on our client’s property.  The team decided to raise his walkway to about 7 inches, making sure it will line up perfectly with the new level of the driveway when it gets replaced. 

This is a common situation people run into, one which can easily be addressed with the help of our team’s repairs. It was a quick fix as it only took us about three hours. Had they poured a new walkway, it would have taken two days to complete. Luckily, they had us! Our client no longer had to spend thousands of money and a number of hours on replacing a perfectly good walkway.

Do you want concrete improvements like these for your home? Call us at 224-653-8944 to get a quote from Illinois’ most trusted choice for concrete repair.

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