Repairing Sunken & Cracked Patios In Arlington Heights & Beyond

Our homes play an important role in our lives. More than a simple building, our homes are a place that we share with the people and animals we love. When we are home, we feel joy and comfort, surrounded by fixtures and items that evoke our personalities and interests.

Unfortunately, our home is not always a haven. There are instances when it can pose a risk to our safety. A great example of such instances would be cracked, sunken, and uneven concrete structures in our outside living spaces.

It is always important to make sure our families have a safe home in which to live. Thus, homeowners make sure to call us when they need help with their concrete. Read on to get the details of our latest projects this week! 

Concrete Patio Raised and Caulked in Arlington Heights

Take a look at how huge the crack on this patio in Arlington Heights is! We’ve worked with patios that have ridiculous cracks before. This was most likely due to poor construction

You’d think a job like this would be difficult, but it was a quick fix for our expert team. We quickly raised the slab by roughly 2 inches. But how do we keep it from sinking again? Easy—we filled the voids beneath the patio using our special polyurethane foam to prevent this from happening.

And no, we did not leave any cracks uncaulked. We made sure to use silicone for the job. It is the best material to use due to its ability to flex, meaning it won’t crack anytime soon. Whatever the changes in ground levels, the silicone we used will easily bend and adapt.

Concrete Lifting for a Sunken Walkway in Elgin

Our next project takes place in Elgin. It looks more like a slide in the before photo than a walkway! The culprit? Natural settling. The side along the home was connected to the foundation with rebar, which is why only the outer edge sank.

 We successfully raised the slabs in the walkway at around 4 inches. In just 1.5 hours, the crew was able to produce amazing results. Now, our client can walk with ease, without worrying that they might trip or fall. (We’re sure the kids miss the little slide though!)  Some top rated concrete raising I would say!

Polyjacking a Settled Walk in Naperville

Next stop, Naperville. Going up and down these steps before must have been quite the workout. Our client definitely never missed leg day! All jokes aside, the sunken walk must have been caused by poor construction. Either the base was not strong, or the construction team had built on unsettled ground. Because of this, rainwater was draining towards the stoop. This had accelerated the problem and would have triggered further foundation issues in the future.

Our solution: we were able to work things out (ba dum tss!) by raising the walk to about six inches. The walk is now back to its original level, so going up and down the step will no longer be a challenge.

Concrete Restoration for a St. Charles Patio

Patios should allow us to comfortably entertain guests in our home. But how would our client be able to do this if their patio was so cracked and uneven? It’s more like an obstacle course than an entertainment area!

Our customer had lived with this uneven and sinking concrete for a long time. Because the issue was not addressed right away, water would drain towards their home, causing many issues. It was such a safety hazard that the children were not even able to ride their bikes on the patio.

We care about your family’s safety, which is why we work hard to restore concrete. Our crew spent half a day raising and leveling to slabs around the step and along the home. To complete the project, we then caulked all the cracks and joints to prevent them from getting worse in the future.

Uneven Driveway Raised in Elgin

The last project we feature for this blog post is in Elgin. Driveways often sink because of settling around the home. This problem is actually very common among homeowners in the Chicago area. Luckily, we offer quick and affordable solutions to all our clients.

We raised our customer’s driveway by 3 inches. The team then caulked the gap between the garage and the driveway. Another job well done by The Concrete Hero!

Do you want concrete improvements like these for your home? Call us at 224-653-8944 to get a quote from Illinois’ most trusted choice for concrete repair.

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