Patio Raising & Repair in Naperville

Naperville sunken cracked patio

Problem: Sunken & Cracked Patio Causing Eyesore & Flooding in Naperville

When this Naperville resident purchased his home a few years ago, he figured a new patio replacement project was on his list of expensive items he would need to eventually have to do. 

After getting quotes for around $7,000-$12,000 to replace his patio he decided maybe a repair would be a smarter solution.  So he went and googled concrete raising and repair Naperville and of course guese who popped up?  Concrete Hero!

After meeting with the homeowner and explaining our lifting and protection services he was thrilled to know he can finally repair his sunken, cracked and dirty patio for fraction of the price of replacing it and it can be done quickly and with no mess or disruption to his yard.

Concrete Leveling
Naperville sunken cracked patio
Before - notice the large cracks and sinking


To fix the sinking and settled slabs, geotechnical polyurethane expanding foam is used to fill the opens voids below the patio and lift it back the the correct level.  The polyurethane foam process was used over traditional mudjacking due to the foams ability to fill all the opens voids.  Also the foam will not erode or breakdown like a mortar based slurry can.

Next all the dirt and grim was cleaned away with a good 4000 psi power washing.

We allowed the patio to dry and returned the next day to caulk all the cracks and joints with  silicone caulk. Below is an outline of the process.

  1. Drilled holes around sunken area to be raised and injected polyurethane foam below slab to raise and stabilize settled slabs.
  2. 4000 psi commercial power washer used to clean away dirt from surface
  3. Injection holes get filled with mortar
  4. Large cracks are filled with silicone caulk and tooled smooth. The silicone remains flexible after curing, which prevents crumbling and cracking again.
Concrete Leveling
Concrete Leveling
Naperville sunken cracked patio
Naperville patio raised and caulked


We brought new life to this cracked, sunken and dirty Naperville patio which is now fully restored. 

The patio is now not pushing water towards the home like it once was and all the cracks and gaps are sealed tight from water and its super clean! The customer also has peace of mind knowing he has a long-lasting repair.   Another happy customer and patio saved! 

Do you have the same problem with your concrete?  Give us a call and set-up a free quote today!

Project Summary

Location: Naperville IL

Services: Concrete Lifting, Power Washing, Crack Caulking

Materials Installed: Polyurethane Expanding Foam, Silicone Caulk

Time: 1/2 day to raise and clean and another 2 hours the following day to caulk and fill holes

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