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A Little About Concrete Hero

Hi, I’m Pete!

I, along with my father Sal are the owners of Concrete Hero. We want to take a moment to tell you our story.

Sal has been working with concrete since he first arrived here from Italy in 1972. And in 2008 after being a high school teacher for 5 years, I decided to partner with my family to start a concrete construction company. Our company initially specialized in replacing concrete throughout the Chicagoland area.

Over the years we received more and more calls from customers looking to repair sunken concrete. After some research, I discovered the process of polyurethane injection (a.k.a. PolyLift) to lift and stabilize concrete. I was very impressed with the process, and the results, when compared to the older process of mudjacking. In 2014 we became one of the first companies in Illinois to offer this quick, long-lasting repair at a fraction of the cost of a replacement. It became an instant hit with customers.

We also noticed many homeowners neglected or were not aware of the importance of maintaining their concrete, which can prevent costly repairs and/or replacement. So we started offering concrete protection solutions such as sealing and caulking. We also began offering concrete coatings to customers looking to protect and restore their concrete garage floors without having to do a full replacement.

Our company has evolved from being a concrete construction company, to a company dedicated to concrete restoration and maintenance. We are passionate about being able to offer customers solutions that extend the life of their concrete, saving them time and money.

Thank you for considering us and we hope to earn your business!

Our Mission

Our mission is to help property owners extend the life and value of their concrete by offering premium products and exceptional service.

What to Expect When Working With Concrete Hero


Our mantra, “redefining the concrete industry” is the phrase that guides all areas of our business. The story of Concrete Hero began with hard work and a dream to be a community-loved contractor. We aimed to reinvent how customers experience contractor services, by offering a level of customer service and professionalism that was lacking in our industry.

Education & Honesty

We don’t aim to sell but educate our customers on helping them select the best concrete repair solution. If our services our not the most appropriate remedy we let you know and recommend other options even if it’s a service we don’t provide! We also try our best to understand the cause of a problem so that action could be taken to avoid it from happening again.

Proven & Cost Effective Solutions

We only offer concrete solutions that have been tested and proven to last and offer the greatest value to our customers. Before offering a new service to our customers we spend years researching the best materials and processes to insure it's the best solution available. We spent three years testing and researching the best leveling and coatings materials.

Clear & Upfront Prices

Total transparency is how we approach every project. We dont like surprises and dont expect our customers to like them either. There are never hidden fees or unknown charges that pop-up. We always offer a clear and detailed scope of work with specific prices following our site inspection.

Professional & Freindly Technicians

Our technicians are the true heroes that make our business possible. All technicians are given in-dept on going training. They are experts at what they do and we only hire people who love what they do. We respect our staff and in-turn they respect our customers.

Written Warranties

We stand behind our work by offering the best warranties in the industry for our concrete leveling and coatings services. If an issue were to arise, we will gladly return to correct it.

Clear and Easy Communication

Have Questions? We have answers. Concerns? Let's talk. We make a point to establish a clear and easy channel of communication with our customers in order to make working with us as easy and stress free as possible.

Why Repair and Protect Concrete?

Concrete is amazing stuff but it doesn’t last forever, especially if its not maintained. For many, when they see sunken, cracked and worn concrete the first instinct is to replace it. At Concrete Hero, we feel that’s not always the best solution for a few reasons.

Save Time & Headaches: Replacing concrete is a major construction project that involves permits, heavy equipment, possible damage to surrounding landscape and buildings and multiple days to complete.

Save Money: Concrete leveling, repairing and sealing concrete reduces the chance of needing to replace it.   With the average driveway replacement being around $6,000-$8000, A small investment in our services prevents the need for costly work in the future.

Save the Environment: Many don’t realize this but the concrete industry is one of the largest producers of carbon dioxide gases creating up to 5% of worldwide man-made emissions of this gas. You can help save the environment by saving your concrete.

Level. Protect. Save!

Super Powered Concrete Services

Concrete Leveling

Crack & Joint Repair

Concrete Sealing

Garage Floor Coatings

Great experience, from initial consultation and estimate to the work being done. Very fair prices and excellent product and service. Highly recommend!Edit Dec 2022: After first snowfall and into the winter season, the new garage floor is great, and my sidewalk leveling made it much easier to shovel. Very glad I had this work done!
Larry Litwin
Larry Litwin
22:42 27 Dec 22
We had 3 sidewalk slabs that sank due to a drainage issue. Upon repairing the drainage we called Concrete Hero to raise our sidewalk back up. They did a...
Mary M.
Mary M.
07:53 21 Dec 22
I wanted to get my driveway lifted since there was about a 2 inch gap between it and my garage floor. I had considered mudjacking but a few neighbors...
Don V.
Don V.
10:50 10 Dec 22
The walkway on the side of our house had shifted due to gutter and drainage issues that went undetected for some time. Naturally, the shift lowered the...
Bill H.
Bill H.
07:32 09 Dec 22
Quick work and satisfactory job. The crew was prompt, had everything they needed, offered to let me move my car out of my driveway before they started in...
Andrew C.
Andrew C.
12:04 08 Dec 22
Very professional workers came on time even did a extra spot whe asked about extra charge. Cleaned up everything and the aea looks great.
Barb S.
Barb S.
04:51 22 Nov 22