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Concrete Hero provides Algonquin residents with super-powered concrete raising and protection services. We are consistently striving to provide the most epic service around. From lifting  driveways to raising a sunken patio, we have improved the value of many homes around Algonquin and surrounding suburbs.

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Concrete Leveling is a Common Service in Algonquin

With quick and affordable construction come quality issues such as poorly compacted bases. With so many track homes around the village, it’s common for homeowners in the area to request our services to repair sunken concrete walkway, driveways, patios and garage floors as well as full replacement of their concrete. Also, many of the Algonquin residential developments were built over wetlands that contain clay-rich soils that are susceptible to settling over time.

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Your Local Concrete Raising & Protection Experts

The Gem of the Fox River Valley, Algonquin IL is a community with a rich history and a promising future.  What was once a farming community and quasi-resort town for people looking to escape the city life from Chicago, Algonquin is now a thriving regional hub.  Located 40 miles from the loop covering both Kane and McHenry counties.  Just in the past 10 years, Algonquin has seen an increase in population of over 10,000 residents.  Algonquin’s charming downtown district and collection of well-built sub-divisions such as High Hills Farms, Fieldcrest Farms, Falcon Ridge, Dawson Mill, Willoughby Farms and Arbor Hills have made Algonquin an ideal community to purchase a home and raise a family.

As a concrete leveling contractor, Algonquin is one of our favorite communities to work in. Algonquin residents have a shared sense of pride in their community and see the value in investing in their homes and appreciate our high-quality work and award winning service.  Many of the asphalt driveways that were originally installed by builders are now reaching the end of their service life. Many Algonquin residents are now investing in more durable, longer lasting and more appealing concrete driveways.

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PolyLift: The Advanced Alternative to Mudjacking or Replacement

Our repair process for raising and leveling sunken concrete is the most effective method available. Traditionally, mudjacking has been the only way to raise sunken concrete. While this method does work, it has never been viewed as a perfect solution. Concrete Hero raises concrete using high-density polyurethane injections, known as PolyLifting. This process has been used for many years in heavy highway applications, today reputable contractors such Concrete Hero are using it for residential and commercial applications because of its lightweight, strength, and durability. If your Arlington Heights home or business has sunken concrete in need of raising and leveling, give us a call for a free estimate on a permanent solution.