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Premium Coatings for Concrete Basement Floors in Chicagoland


Over time, concrete basement floors can become cracked and damaged. Flaking, pitting, and other problems can create both aesthetic and maintenance challenges. Installing a new basement floor is expensive, but you can restore your basement floor for about half the price with basement concrete coatings.

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Concrete Hero offers durable and beautiful concrete coatings for basement floors in the Chicago area to help preserve appearance and function for years to come

Benefits of coating your concrete basement include:

  • Improve your floor’s durability
  • Makes cleaning and maintenance a breeze
  • Prevents chemical and water damage to your concrete
  • Enhances the appearance of your floor

Concrete Hero’s basement floor coatings is also offer additional protection when we add our anti-slip coating. Use your basement worry-free! No more uneven or cracked surfaces and walk without slipping or falling.

Benefits of Polyurea and Polyaspartic Coatings For Basement Floors

Restore Your Basement Floor Today!

Basement concrete coatings don’t take long at all. Most basements can be coated in just a few days. When it’s finished, your basement restoration coating is long-lasting and durable.

How Our Process Works

unfinished concrete basement ready for epoxy flooring

Basement concrete coatings start with prep work like diamond grinding the floor to create a rough surface that can easily bond to the coating. We also fill in deep cracks, so that there will be no cracks visible when your basement coating is finished.

finished concrete coating in basement with gym equipment

Next, we apply the industrial strength high-solids base coat. This base coat will penetrate deep into the concrete for a permanent bond. After that, we’ll lay flakes over the base coat for another layer of protection. These flakes also add texture, style, and help prevent slips. Finally, we’ll apply the seal.

Why Choose Concrete Hero

Concrete Hero is a trusted name in concrete repair, coating, sealing, and lifting in the Chicago area. We help clients apply interior concrete coatings and exterior concrete sealing to help our customers maintain and extend the service life of their concrete.

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