Joint & Crack Caulking

Prevent Soil Erosion Below Your Concrete

Our premium commercial grade joint sealant is specifically designed to seal cracks and gaps in your concrete. Our advanced long-lasting sealant not only protects and extends the life of your concrete by eliminating water infiltration; it also stops weeds and grass from growing which creates an attractive clean finished look.

Why Sealing Cracks and Joints is Important

Cracks in your concrete are normal and expected however most people don’t realize that cracks and open joints need to be caulked to seal them up. Along with being an eyesore, cracks and gaps in the joints of your concrete allows water to sweep below the slab, which can cause the base to wash away and voids to form. Moisture below the concrete can also cause frost heaving when the ground freezes and expands.

As a result, unsealed cracks and gaps in driveways, patios and walkways can lead to:

  • Slabs to sink & settle
  • New cracks to form
  • Weeds to grow between joints
  • Less curb appear and property value

Repairing and Sealing Cracks in Your Concrete

Homeowners can purchase concrete caulk at their local big box hardware store and spend a weekend sealing cracks. The problem is, along with being a messy and time consuming project, the caulk sold in stores is a polyurethane material that doesn’t last too long. Polyurethane easily cracks when the concrete experiences any movement, which commonly occurs on exterior concrete. Also, after a year or so due to the sunlight the caulk will bubble, shrink and will need to be redone.


Concrete Hero to the Rescue! Our SuperFlex sealant is a premium silicone-based material not found in stores that is engineered to seal cracks. The superior adhesion, flexibility and weatherability far exceeds conventional polyurethane products such as NP1. SuperFlex will withstand years of UV exposure and continue to perform years after other sealants have failed. It will not yellow or discolor even after years of outdoor exposure. This product is custom formulated by the nation’s leader in silicone sealants so you can count on its consistent ability to provide long-lasting protection from water seeping below your concrete.

The process includes cleaning out the cracks and joints, installing a foam backer rod to fill voids and then injecting in the SuperFlex. It then gets tooled smooth and sand may be added to create a more natural look. Once all cracks and joints have been sealed with SuperFlex, you can rest assured your concrete can keep looking great for many years to come.

Advantages & Features of Our Concrete Caulking Service

Super Seal

Creates a super watertight seal to protect your concrete​​

UV Resistant

Not impacted by UV rays which prevents bubbling and drying out

Year Round Installation

Can be installed in any temperature unlike polyurethane caulk

Fast Cure Time

Typically cures in 60 minutes unlike other caulks that can take 24 hours​


Extremely flexible material able to withstand the movement of the slabs​

Looks Great

Gives concrete a clean finished look and prevents weeds from growing


The SuperFlex Sealant Process


Step 1: Prep

Cracks and joints are cleaned free of any derby. A crack chase grinder may be used to widen some of the smaller.  A foam backer rod is installed in large cracks and gaps.


Step 2: Install Material

Technicians carefully inject the SuperFlex material into the cracks and joints


Step 3: Finish

The sealant is delicately tooled to level and smooth the material. Sand may then be added to create a more natural look


Step 4: Enjoy!

Your concrete is now protected and looks great!

Let us be your hero.