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Concrete Driveway Repair & Leveling Services

Restore & Extend The Life of Your Driveway

Overtime concrete driveways tend to settle, crack and become uneven, especially along the garage floor. Concrete Hero can bring new life to your concrete driveway with our concrete lifting, crack repair and sealing services. Tired of that bump when driving into your garage? Are people at risk of tripping over your uneven concrete driveway?

Driveway sinking and settling is a common problem most Chicago area homeowners either live with or end up replacing the whole driveway to solve, which can be costly. Our comprehensive polyurthane concrete lifting – PolyLifting,  is designed to not only lift and level your sunken driveway but also stabilize it and prevent it from sinking again in the future.  Lastly, our sealing and joint caulking services can also protect your driveway from the harsh dangers mother natures can throw our way here in IL.

Why Fix a Sunken Driveway?

Lift and protect your driveway now or replace it later. For a typical driveway replacement project, be prepared for 2-3 days of construction and another 7 days of parking on the street to allow for curing.  Also, some landscape restoration we be needed after completion and of course you will need to obtain a permit from the village before any work takes place. Average driveway replacements in the Chicago area cost $7,000 -$8,000. Due to the hassle and high cost, many homeowners are choosing to extend the life of their current driveway with our concrete leveling and protection services. For a faction of the cost of doing a full replacement, your can lift your sunken driveway and have it fully restored in a matter of hours not days.

Polyurethane Foam Concrete Driveway Lifting - PolyLift

Unlike other repairs methods used to lift and level concrete driveways, polyurethane is considered a long-term repair due to its water-proof and lightweight properties.   The rigid expanding foam does not shrink and wash away overtime and the extreme lightweight reduces the just of overburdening the soil below.  All of which results in a materiel that will last as long as the concrete its supporting.  To learn more about the benefits of polyurethane visit our polyurethane vs mudjacking page to learn more.

How to Fix a Sunken & Uneven Driveway

Fixing sunken driveways is a common repair for us here at Concrete Hero.  We use an advanced but yet simple process to bring driveways back to where they belong.  It all starts with drilling small penny sized holes in each section in need of lifting.  Typically we just need 2-3 holes per 10’x10″ section.  Then we inject an expanding foam below the slab.  The foam will fill all open voids, solidify the soil and then begin to raise the concrete.   Once the concrete is at the correct level, we patch the hole with mortar and that’s it!  That driveway is restored back to its original position and the repair is just about unnoticeable.

Chicagoland Concrete Driveway Repair Experts

We are no strangers to concrete.  In fact, Concrete Hero’s Founders have over 40 years of concrete industry experience.  We started out as a concrete driveway replacement contractor serving the suburbs of Chicago-land.  We replaced hundreds if not thousands of driveways.  Overtime we noticed that repairing a driveway rather replacing it is many times a better option especially when it comes to sunken driveways.  We also noticed there wasn’t really any quality companies out there that specialized in concrete repair.  Most wanted to simply replace concrete.  So we decided to fill that void and we transitioned our company to become the leader in concrete raising and sealing services. Learn more about our story.

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