Elgin Concrete Leveling & Raising Service

We are one of the only concrete raising companies in the Fox Valley to offer the most advanced concrete raising method – polyurethane slabjacking, or PolyjLifting as we call it.  When it comes to raising, lifting and leveling your sunken concrete in Elgin, Concrete Hero is your contractor of choice!

Common concrete raising projects in Elgin include: driveways, patios, walkways and garage floors

Benefits of using Polyurethane over conventional Mudjacking:

Strength.  Polyurethane will not shrink, wash away or break down like a cement/sand mixture can.  Its also extremely light weight which reduces the just of additional settling to occur.

Smaller Holes.  Polyjacking only requires 5/8 holes, making it a much more attractive and cleaner repair compared to the larger mudjacking holes.

Clean and Fast.  Process doesn’t involve heavy equipment or messy materials.  Best of all, concrete is ready to use right after we finish!

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Why Hire Concrete Hero?

35 years of Concrete Experience! Our long history working with concrete gives us a deep base of knowledge and understanding on what works and what doesn’t.

Honest & Professional Service! We don’t aim to sell but educate our customers on helping them select the best concrete repair solution. If polyurethane slabjacking is not the most appropriate remedy we let you know and recommend other options even if it’s a service we don’t provide!

If we can’t raise it, you don’t pay! Many companies will charge you even if a slab can’t be raised.   We don’t think this is fair. Concrete lifting is an investment not a gamble. If we can’t get a slab to lift, you are not charged for it.

Premium Polyurethane! Our polyurethane foam is formulated using only virgin Polyether polyols enhancing its hydrolytic stability characteristics. Unlike some of our competitors who us a blend of recycled materials .

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The Advanced Alternative to Mudjacking or Replacement

Our repair process for raising and leveling sunken concrete is the most effective method available. Traditionally, mudjacking has been the only way to raise sunken concrete. While this method does work, it has never been viewed as a perfect solution. Concrete Hero raises concrete using high-density polyurethane injections, known as PolyLifting. This process has been used for many years in heavy highway applications, today reputable contractors such Concrete Hero are using it for residential and commercial applications because of its lightweight, strength, and durability. If your Arlington Heights home or business has sunken concrete in need of raising and leveling, give us a call for a free estimate on a permanent solution.