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Garage floors may seem indestructible, but they have a way of cracking over time. Dirt can accumulate in the unsightly cracks, and sometimes those cracks even become a tripping hazard.

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Garage floor coatings from Concrete Hero can transform your garage floor, making it attractive and functional once again. Concrete Hero’s garage floor coatings are made from a durable material that’s water-resistant and flexible.

Our heavy-duty coatings are perfect for garage floors, where chemicals and everyday wear and tear from vehicles can cause damage to standard concrete. See the results of garage floor coatings in our before and after photos.

Our garage coatings in Wheaton, IL come in many colors and designs, so we can match the floor of your garage to your personal preferences.

Customized Polyurea & Polyaspartic Coatings

Concrete Hero garage coatings are different from standard services that use epoxy to protect garage floors. Epoxy can turn yellow over time, and the material doesn’t last as long as polyurea and polyaspartic coating.

While some homeowners may even choose to install epoxy coatings for themselves, surfaces from Concrete Hero last longer because we have the tools and experience to make your garage floors last longer.

We use a special grinder to rough up the surface of your garage floor, so our coating will last longer. We also take the time to fill the cracks in your garage floor, so they won’t be visible when the coating covers them up. Finally, the coating itself is thick and applied in layers, so it can stand years of regular wear and tear. We offer customized looks so you can find the right combination of colors and finish for your needs.

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Benefits to Coating Your Garage Floor

Here’s why our customers choose to coat their garage floor:

Easy Maintenance

Long-lasting Durability

Enhanced Value

Effective Protection

How Long Will It Take to Coat Your Garage Floor

Typical garage floor coatings in Wheaton IL take about 24 to 48 hours to complete. How long your coating takes will depend on the size of your garage, and the current condition of your floor. For a more in-depth time estimate, book your free quote today!

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Why Wheaton Residents Choose Garage Floor Coatings

Wheaton IL, like many of the other suburbs of Chicago, saw a boom in population in the 1980’s and 1990’s. Many homes were built during this time, as people moved to the area for the good schools and excellent employment opportunities.

Today, many of those homes are three or four decades old, and their walkways, driveways, and garage floors are beginning to show their age. A garage floor coating from Concrete Hero can give new life to your garage floor, allowing it to last for decades longer.

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