Garage Floor Lifting & Repair

 Raising Sunken Floors in IL

A sunken and cracked garage floor can cause water to pool or run towards your home and also create dangerous and annoying trip hazards.  Our advanced polyurethane concrete lifting and leveling PolyLift services is the ideal method for repairing a sunken garage floor.

Our process is fast and simple and the results are long-lasting.  The high-density polyurethane foam will not wash-away or break-down which means the repair will last as long as the concrete.  Also, the fast curing polymer sets-up in only a few minutes which means you can go back to using your garage floor as soon as the job is done.  Lastly, the small penny sized injection holes make the repair hardly noticeable.

Raising a Sunken Garage Floor

How To Lift and Repair a Sunken Garage Floor

We have repaired hundreds of garage floors around the Chicago Land area using our polyurethane foam process PolyLift.  Here’s how it works:

  1. Our team of experts strategically drill small holes on the area of the floor in need of lifting and stabilizing.
  2. Then the injection ports are installed and the materiel is then carefully injected below the slab in small bursts in order to minimize any cracking that can occur and to avoid over lifting the slab.
  3. Once the floor is fully lifted back to the correct level and all the voids below have been filled the holes are filled with mortal, making them hard to notice.
  4. If the customers wants we can also seal any cracks in the floor with our Joint and Crack Sealant

Can You Repair the Surface Too?

Yes! It is very common and just about expected that most concrete garage floor surfaces in IL will flake, pop and crack overtime.  This is mainly due to the abuse they get during the winter from all the water and salt that gets brought into the garage from the car. The ultimate solution to restoring and protecting the surface of your garage floor is by installing a concrete coating system over it. Our epoxy + polyasparthic coating system not only protects your floor but makes it looks amazing too. 

Polyaspartic Coating

Can All Floors be Lifted and Repaired?

No.  If the floor has too many random deep cracks (outside the joints) and/or if the majority of the floor has sunk more than 4 inches, then the most best solution would be to do a complete replacement of the floors.  This is something we can offer our customers as well.

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Crack & Joint Repair

Concrete Sealing

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