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A sunken and settled patio that is not properly directing rainwater away from your home can create major problems to your foundation and basement. Chicago area homeowners can easily solve this problem and repair their sunken patio with our  polyurethane concrete leveling. Our concrete repair system PolyLift will effectively and economically restore the correct pitch of your patio without having to do a full replacement.

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How to fix a sunken patio?

If you have a sunken patio, don’t worry your not alone. Overtime almost all patios will show signs of sinking, some more than others.    This is typically because most patios are built over what is known as the over-dig area.  When a foundation is installed the hole is excavated a few feet wider than the footprint of the home in order to give space for the forms to be installed and removed.  This area gets backfilled upon completion however it typically is never properly compacted.  This mean the area and anything above it such as a patio slab will settle over time.  It can take up to 10 years in IL for the soil around a home to fully settle.

Along with ground settlment, downspout and sump-pump placement is another common cause for patios to sink.  Downspouts and sump-pumps that are discharging water along side a patio will cause the soil to erode and the slab to sink over-time.  You can learn more about this on our why concrete sinks page.

Luckily, there is a easy and cost effective solution to repairing a sunken patio without having to go through the hassle and large expense of ripping it out and replacing it.  Concrete lifting with the use of polyurethane is fast, clean and cost a fraction of what a new patio would be . 

Why Fixing Your Sunken and Uneven Patio is Important

Sunken patios that are pitched towards your home are not only an eye sore but can also create major structural problems to your homes foundation and basement.  Every time it rains or snow melts, all the water from the patios surface will be directed to the foundation.  Over-time this can cause the foundation to crack and/or the patio to sink further.  It can also cause your sump-pump to run more than it needs too which reduces its service life and wastes electricity.


Using Polyurethane Foam to Lift and Repair Your Patio

To solve this issue many homeowners will replace their concrete patio, which is not always the best option. Installing a new patio is an extremely expensive (average in IL is around $6,000-$12,000) and invasive process since access is difficult and all work may need to be done by hand. Luckily it is typically not needed if the slabs are still in good shape but have just settled. Our polyurethane injection system (PolyLift) is an effective and popular method for raising and leveling sunken patios. The high-density polymer material will not shrink, wash away or breakdown, which creates a long-term repair and the injections holes are the size of a penny making the repair almost unnoticeable. Along with leveling your concrete patio, we can also caulk all cracks and joints and clean and seal the surface. Our comprehensive patio renewal and protection system will save your patio and your money.

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