Walkway & Porch Lifting Services

We make concrete safe again

We’ve all been there. You’re walking along a walkway and suddenly you trip over a section of uneven concrete causing you to trip and possibly fall.The Americans with Disabilities Act defines a trip hazard as any vertical change over ¼ inch at any joint or crack in the concrete. Because the ADA demands strict compliance and places direct responsibility on the property owners, trip and fall hazards left unrepaired can lead to significant legal liability.

Concrete raising & leveling is the ideal solution for quick and affordable trip hazard repairs. Our non-invasive system effectively raises walkway slabs back into place without needing costly replacement.

Lifting & Leveling Walkways and Porches with Polyurethane Foam

The key factors to consider when repairing a sunken concrete walkway or porch are longevity, cost and cosmetics.  Using polyurethane to repair sunken concrete achieves all three three. 

Longevity: Unlike mud jacking, polyurethane foam will not shrink or breakdown overtime making it a long-term repair.

Cost: At a fraction of the cost of replacement, concrete lifting is an extremely economical solution.

Cosmetics: Polyurethane injections only require a dime size hole making the repair barely noticeable.

Let us be your hero.